Francis Slay or Francis Underwood?: St. Louis Mayor’s Identity Problem

One might say the Francis Slay is worse than the fictional Francis Underwood. He is a man who is not satisfied with merely implementing an agenda opting instead to implement a kinder , gentler ISIS game plan to deal with culture and history that he doesn’t approve of.

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Life After the Raid: Pastor Tim Manning Reflects on the May, 2013 Raid on his N.C. Home

We are also suing the Forsyth County Sheriff and his Deputies will be our witnesses. They were ordered by a Forsyth Judge to return all of the property they took from my home but the Forsyth County Sheriff Shotzman has failed to returned my guns and knives. It may be nearly a year, our lawyer says, before this case comes before the court.

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Hands off my Heritage: A Response to Dana Loesch’s Claim that the Dem’s Created Gun Control

If Republicans argue that the Democrats utilized gun control against the blacks, then the Democrats can argue that it was only because the Republicans armed them in order to do their dirty work.

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Wake Up America! : A Guest Editorial by Scotty Hooe

If you really want to stop repeat offenders, stop electing them!

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Monday Music Feature: Big and Rich “Look at You”

Big and Rich are back with a new label, a new album #Gravity and a new song “Look at You” turn it up!
#bigandrich #Gravity #LookatYou

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I AM a “Truther”

“Truther” it is a term that describes anyone who questions the Official story about the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. This term quite often comes with the stigma of being a conspiracy nut, paranoid and running with the tinfoil hat crowd.

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A Tale of Two Criminalities: Why Ferguson isn’t a Black and White Issue

I have abstained from writing an article on the issue of the Ferguson, Missouri riots for a number of reasons. One is that I am in the Southeast portion of the State of Missouri, far from the violence and not able to judge the issue in person. Nor do I have any plans to go […]

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Weekend Music Feature: Shooter Jennings “Don’t Wait Up (for George)

The result is a very unique record and tribute to his friend George Jones. Yes it is different. A different that some hard-core Country fans may not appreciate but for those of us who are sick and tired of the cookie-cutter “bro-Country” tracks that our cluttering up our airwaves , “Don’t Wait Up” is a very welcome surprise

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Americans “Fed” Up with Washington: Impeach Obama Movement Building

The issue of Obama’s “phone and a pen” executive order strategy is fueling an underground uprising. Personally I have noticed statistics that undeniably prove there is definitely a smoldering underground movement that is about to erupt in a grass-roots forest fire call for impeachment from the citizens themselves.

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Bollinger County goes “Outlaw Crazy” for Jason Roberson / Keith Anderson

On any given day the sleepy little Ozark Foothills town of Zalma , Missouri boasts a population of 122 people but once a year the population, for just one day, escalates into a booming town of several thousand people, thanks to the Rustic Lodge owners Richard and Vicky Dinkens and their summer concert series.

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Bias at the Banner

Does Mrs. Redeffer take very good notes? I’ll let you be the judge of that. Does she write misleading headlines to sensationalize stories? In my opinion, yes.

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Shuanghui International, buyer of U.S.-based Smithfield Foods, changes name to WH Group-photo couresy of

Constitutional Amendment 1: Protects Corporate and Foreign-Owned Ag

Amendment 1 will not give farmers protection from Monsanto lawsuits; nor will it stop foreign-owned corporations from controlling Missouri Agriculture; nor will it protect farmers from restrictions put on us by ag corporations. Vertical integration and consolidation in the livestock production will drive the price up for the consumer and down for the farmer.”

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Weekend Music Feature: Dire Straits “Walk of Life” Live in London

What makes this version of the song uniquely different is the prominently featured pedal steel guitar and the amazing energy from the crowd. Country Music fans who are sick of the pop / hip-hop themed “Bro-Country” that is polluting the air waves these days will particularly enjoy this performance.

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