Powder Mill gaining recognition

Great write up in today’s Southeast Missourian newspaper about Van Buren, Missouri’s “Powder Mill” band who recently toured in France and received a very favorable album review in the Washington Post. I’ve had the opportunity to meet them personally last year , they’re very down to earth, there is nothing fake about them, and that “realness” reflects in their music. A wonderful mixture of Country, Southern Rock and Rock-Editor

Van Buren’s Own “Powder Mill”

“VAN BUREN, Mo. — It’s not often a band from the Ozarks of Carter County, Mo., gets international recognition, but that’s exactly what’s happening for Powder Mill of Van Buren, Mo.This summer, the band has played in France and been featured in Washington Post music critic Chris Richards’ “What You Should Be Listening to” column. Richards referred to Powder Mill’s “Money, Marbles and Chalk” album as “one of the best rock albums of 2010.”

Southern country/rock quartet Powder Mill is made up of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Jesse Charles Hammock II, lead guitarist Jeff Chapman, bassist Pat McSpadden and drummer Andrew Bedell. The band’s name comes from an old ferry site on the Current River.

Richards received the band’s album thanks to fellow “outlaw country” singer-songwriter Shooter Jennings, son of Waylon Jennings. Hammock met Shooter Jennings while touring with another band.”

Powder Mill will be playing at the Bloom Heavy Grumble at Arrowhead Campground, Grassy, Missouri @8:00 pm, Saturday September 10, 2011.

Read more on the Southeast  Missourian by clicking this link



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