The City of Marble Hill puts Family Dollar plans on hold (and guess who’s behind it)

Apparently the City of Marble Hill is hedging its bets  and going “all in” by discouraging news business and placing all of its faith in higher water rates and a vote to redirect sales tax that has already failed once.

Today’s Banner Press newspaper carries the latest job-killing news from City Hall:

Gary Shrum former Assistant City administrator for the City of Marble Hill.

” Although the Marble Hill Board of Aldermen gave its approval to Family Dollar Stores to build a store on Conrad Street next to Jay’s Barbecue, the city’s planning and zoning board has reservations about the building.Family Dollar has agreed to raise the level of its building site to 8 feet 2 inches over flood level, but some board members were concerned about the effect a flood might have on adjoining property when water would funnel around the new store and onto neighboring property.

“It would be nice to have a new store in town, but that’s not a place for it,” said board member Gary Shrum. “They will be displacing a lot of water. The city needs to develop its flood plain ordinance to read no new construction in the flood plain.”

Family Dollar has had the area surveyed and, according to city administrative assistant Tammy Whitney, has approval from FEMA, but has not produced anything on paper giving that approval.

The Banner Press contacted a spokesman for Family Dollar and asked if the store had FEMA approval to build in the flood plain. The spokesman said she would look into it and respond, but as of press time had not.

“Family Dollar does know it’s a flood plain,” Whitney said at the meeting. “They like the location.”

“We need the tax dollars and everything we can get, but do we do it to the extent of property damage to adjoining landowners?” Shrum said.

The board agreed to table any decision until it has more information.”

Apparently the City Council who decided not to retain Mr. Shrum’s services as Assistant City Administrator felt confidant enough in his abilities to keep him on the Planning and Zoning committee. While no one can be sure of Mr. Shrum’s motives , one certainly questions if he and certain City officials are “Planning” on killing the town by “Zoning” out all new business.

– Editor

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    […] If so this certainly explains why his son Gary Shrum opposed the building location of the new Family Dollar store in Marble Hill (currently being constructed next to Jay’s BBQ) as previously reported by this publication. […]

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