Bollinger County Sheriff’s race heating up

Denny Cato, Republcan candidate for sheriff, Bollinger County

I was talking to Denny Cato  the other day and he informed me that he had received a call from Bollinger County Clerk, Diane Holzum. The nature of the phone call was a complaint her office received about Cato’s campaign signs, which apparently did not have “paid for by candidate” printed on them ( a mistake commonly made by many first-time candidates).Cato promptly purchased “paid for by candidate” stickers to put on his signs, but the question of who complained still lingered.   I paid a visit to the County Clerk’s office and asked me Holzum if the complaint was filed through the Missouri Ethics Commision and she informed me that it was made to the Clerk’s office locally. When asked who filed the complaint Mrs. Holzum became reluctant and answered by saying “no comment”.  I knew I was going to have to seek the answer to this question on my own. I sent messages to Republican candidates Shell and McElrath as well as a message to Independent Candidate Stash Petton asking them if they could confirm or deny being the party who filed the complaint.

Petton replied by stating: “I did not make the complaint” included in his reply was his phone number and an invitation to feel free to ask him any questions regarding his campaign. I also received a prompt reply from Republican candidate Darin Shell which stated: “Thank you for taking interest in the local Sheriff’s race.  The answer to your question is no, I did not file a complaint with the County Clerk’s Office about Mr. Cato’s signs.  My goal has been and will continue to be to focus on my campaign to ensure that we meet all our obligations concerning rules and regulations that are set force by the Missouri Ethics Commission.  In addition, we are focused on conducting a positive campaign that only focuses on my credentials, qualifications and my goals and objectives if elected to the Office of Sheriff.   Thank you,  Darin W. Shell”

As of the publication date of this story the Marble Hill Constitution- News has not received a response from Sheriff McElrath.  Given the reluctance of the County Clerk to reveal who filed the campaign sign complaint, the candid, prompt replies the Marble Hill Constitution-News received from both Petton and Shell, and the lack of response from Sheriff McElrath , conclusions can easily be drawn, but not proven. When one considers that two candidates for County Commissioner do not have “paid for by candidate” on their signs , it does limit the suspects for who complained about Cato’s signs.  One thing is for sure, the race for who will be elected Sheriff of Bollinger County is heating up. Based on the professionalism of those challenging  the incumbent, Bollinger County would be well served by either one of the challengers. – Editor.

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