City of Marble Hill: Now we want the donations!

From the Wednesday July 18, 2012 Banner Press newspaper:

“What he Park Board was most concerned about was section 4 that would change the way the Park Board’s finances are handled.  Park Board Chairman Jack Watt said that the Park Board receives donations from either grants or individuals that, according to the existing ordinance, should be kept separate from income from city taxes and used to benefit the parks. The city has proposed to change that ordinance to put donated  money in with the city’s general revenue.

The Park Board has received donations from several sources totaling $5,235. Some of it came from individual donations, some was from a grant to buy playground equipment and some from the sale of trees cu from Pellegrino Park.  The Board of Alderman wans that money to go into the city’s general fund as part of the line item designated for the Park Board. The Park Board disagrees”.

I have absolutely no idea what is running through the minds of the powers that be in City Hall these days, other than the fact that certain board members and City officials have been working toward one common goal and that goal is to divert every dime of revenue that the City receives into the “General” revenue fund. They want the sales tax revenue, used for Capital improvements to be diverted into the General Revenue fund as well.

It has been this editor’s experience that anytime, in any form of government that money is diverted into the “General Revenue” , accountability disappears.  I make no accusations, only one question for the citizens of Marble Hill to ponder and that question is; Why?

Why is the City of Marble Hill attempting to divert funds that have been traditionally and legally  from separate accounts into the General Revenue? 

The fact that certain leaders from within City Hall have been so bold as to attempt to seize private donation money for the General Revenue should scare the hell out of everyone.- Editor.

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I am just an average blue collar American who works hard and tries to be a good dad. I have a passion for history, music and freedom.

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