Bollinger County Candidate Profile: Denny Cato

Denny Cato: Republican Candidate for Bollinger County Sheriff

The Bollinger County Constitution-News has sent a profile questionnaire to all candidates running for the office of Sheriff. It is our policy to publish these profiles in the order that they have been returned.  The first to do so was Stash Petton (Independent candidate), today we have received Denny Cato’s profile questionnaire.

Marble Hill Constitution-News: What makes you the most qualified candidate for Bollinger County Sheriff?

Cato: “I have served as police chief {in Advance , Mo.} and have been in charge of situations at hand. The other candidates have always been in a position in which they have been directed on how to handle similar situations. I am older and I’m good under pressure.”

Marble Hill Constitution News:
What is the biggest problem Bollinger County is currently facing and how would you fix it?

Cato: “The biggest problem in Bollinger County is that no one {sheriff’s department} shows up when you have a problem and they don’t stay focused on following up on issues that they do respond to..  The economy is bad, theft and drug related crimes are on the rise.  I will increase the response times  and stay focused on the issues”

Marble Hill Constitution-News:
What style of law enforcement do you prefer: Homeland Security or Andy Griffith? ( please explain why)

Cato: “I’m more Andy Griffith. There has to be a more common sense approach to the law where you know your neighbors and respect your community AND keep your promises”

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