Marble Hill Pool to Close in a Week



People in Marble Hill, Missouri want to know what happened to money for the city pool, and if there’s anything they can do to keep it from closing in just ten days.

The money donated years ago eventually ran out because the pool doesn’t bring in close to enough funds yearly to cover its cost.

But people there say they need their pool.  And they’ve formed a committee to save it.

Some love spending time at the pool for recreation and others say it’s great for rehabilitation.

But these swimmers say they were devastated to learn the pool would close in just over a week.

The city says they just can’t afford to keep it open. That news that didn’t make sense to many people in town who thought plenty of money had been donated years ago by Larma Wisely.

Mayor Michael Sowers explains the $300,000 donated was never meant to last forever.

“In the past, because I wasn’t part of the administration, there’s been a lot of miscommunication about funds,” said Mayor Sowers. “I believe the state had been involved, researched and found it was done accordingly. We are doing everything we can to make sure Mrs. Wisely’s fund was run according to set up.”

Sowers and Assistant City Administrator Tammy Whitney say it costs about $30,000 to run the pool yearly, and it doesn’t bring in even a third of that cost”

In a previous article published by the Southeast Missourian newspaper:

“Shortly after Whitney was hired as administrative assistant, she began working on managing the city hall operations, cutting hours and benefits of some appointed officials, and eliminating such unneeded expenses as unused telephone lines and computer hookups. She said she saved enough in the city’s payroll account that she was able to give raises to some city employees and remain under budget.”

If the City of Marble Hill is operating under budget, how come they have had to raise water rates…again? If the City of Marble Hill is operating under budget how come they are fighting to redirect sales tax and donations to the Park Board into the General Revenue fund and if the City of Marble Hill is operating under budget how come they are closing down the Larma Wisely pool?

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