Shell Wins Republican Primary for Bollinger County Sheriff


Darin Shell has won the Bollinger County primary election for Sheriff and will face Stash Petton in the November General Election. As of 10:30 pm Darin Shell was leading the Bollinger County race for Sheriff by approximately 400 votes defeating incumbent Leo McElrath and fellow challenger Denny Cato.

Apparently McElrath had strong support from Marble Hill businessman Lloyd Ivey. This was the scene in Marble Hill from earlier today.

Many of Mr. Ivey’s employees vehicles had magnetic campaign signs for McElrath on them and could be seen throughout town.

Sheriff McElrath’s cause was not helped by the fact that the particular vehicle pictured above was parked in a “no parking zone” in front of a fire hydrant.

The police were notified and the employee was found and asked to move the vehicle from the “no parking zone”.

In other election news the Southeast Missourian newspaper featured an online “live blog” in which readers could submit questions and had them answered by staff member Matt Sanders.

I asked him why the Southeast Missourian did not include the candidate profiles of Darin Shell or Denny Cato and Sanders responded by stating that all candidates received a questionaire.

I replied by stating that I had talked to the candidates personally and that neither Republican challenger received questionaires.

Sanders responded again by stating that Banner Press editor Linda Redeffer had sent them out.

I again responded by stating that neither of the challengers received a questionaire from the Banner Press either.

For a third time Sanders’ story changed. This time he stated that all candidates were sent instructions on how to go online and fill out the questionaire.

I talked to both Republican challengers, both Shell and Cato tonight at the courthouse and again both told me they received no correspondence from the Southeast Missourian regarding candidate profile questionaires.

Tonight the Southeast Missourian gets it wrong again. Tonight at 11:00 pm the Southeast Missourian posted the following:

“In Bollinger County, where ballot counting was done by hand after counting equipment malfunctioned, incumbent Sheriff Leo McElrath was defeated in the Republican primary by Darrin Shell, a Humane Society investigator. Shell garnered 1,105 votes to McElrath’s 803. Another challenger, deputy Denny Cato, received 442 votes.

No Democrats filed for the seat, meaning Shell should assume the sheriff position after the November election.”

This is totally inaccurate and NOT true.

Republican Darin Shell will face Independent candidate Stash Petton in the race for sheriff in November.

On the web:

Shell for Sheriff on Facebook

Petton for Sheriff on Facebook

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