Marble Hill Constitution-News endorses Petton for Sheriff

Stash Petton: Endorsed by the Marble Hill Constitution- News for Sheriff of Bollinger County

The Marble Hill Constitution-News is endorsing independent candidate Stash Petton for Sheriff of Bollinger County.  This decision is based on the reluctance of Republican candidate Darin Shell to answer the candidate questionnaire that this paper sent to ALL candidates during the primary election.

During the time leading up to the Republican primary the Marble Hill Constitution-News sent a candidate questionnaire to all Republican candidates for Sheriff, Leo McElrath, Denny Cato, Darin Shell and independent candidate Stash Petton ( who was not in the primary).

Of the four candidates who returned the questionnaire, only two were returned. Those two being Stash Petton and Denny Cato.

The night of the primary election I went to the courthouse to view the results. There I ran into Darin Shell, who told me he had received the questionnaire and was just waiting to “get the primary out of the way” before he was going to answer it.

Understanding that everyone has a right to their own strategy I found the statement to be “odd”.  Why would he want to wait until the primary was over before he answered a candidate questionnaire?

It is now the second of October , more than enough time to answer a candidate questionnaire. I am only one man, one editor with one opinion. That being said, THIS MAN finds it unacceptable.

Mr. Petton has been more than forthcoming with any questions I have asked him, has not attempted to play coy and has always been happy to answer any questions I have asked him.

These are the qualities that are a must in a candidate and an office holder and because of Mr. Petton’s honesty, availability and eagerness to put forth his beliefs and his views toward law enforcement , he has received this paper’s endorsement.

Congratulations and good luck in Novemeber Stash- Editor.

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One Response to “Marble Hill Constitution-News endorses Petton for Sheriff”

  1. Thank you for your support. If elected, I plan to to continue an approachable demeanor. Furthermore, thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my views and goals.

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