Christopher Bedford gives Romney some advice on regulation

Christopher Bedford has an article up at The Daily Caller website in which he notes something the rest of us might have missed while we were celebrating Mitt’s victory over Obama in their first debate last week. Writes Bedford:

“Pretty much everyone we know — including our buddy Barack — was surprised  Wednesday night when old Mitt showed up to the debate with a chainsaw, eviscerating his opponent in a style usually  associated with Chris Christie. (RELATED: Chris Christie rides the NH countryside  cleaving opponents in two)

And how could we not enjoy Chris “We have our knives out” Matthews‘ reaction? As far as  ethical news coverage goes, that little episode deserves a Pulitzer. We’d also  suggest “We have our knives out” as a far-superior slogan to “Lean forward,” but  who brings a knife to a chainsaw fight anyways?

Though in all the fun and fancy, it was easy to miss one line that it would  behoove conservatives everywhere to pick up [on] and drop, before climbing the  ring post and body-slamming. We’re talking about this little jewel right  here:


Regulation is essential. You can’t have a free market work if you don’t have  regulation. As a businessperson, I had to have — I need to know the regulations.  I needed them there. You couldn’t have people opening up banks in their — in  their garage and making loans. I mean, you have to have regulations so that you  can have an economy work. Every free economy has good regulation. At the same  time, regulation can become excessive.

What liberal rascal composed this illustrious ode? That, ladies and gentlemen,  was Republican nominee Mitt Romney, in the flesh, falling directly into a  classic progressive trap: the false choice.”

Bedford goes on to list some hillarious ways in which government regulation has “helped” us.  My favorite being:

“To save energy, the feds are banning the old Edison light bulb — even though it  worked fine for a century — forcing folks to buy Compact Fluorescent Light  Bulbs, which emit less light, cost more, take a few minutes to get to their full  brightness, contain mercury, and can sometimes interfere with radios. Oh, and to  make them last as long as they’re supposed to, thereby saving energy, we have to  leave them on, thereby wasting energy (and drowning polar bears by the  millions).”

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