Gas map: reminder of the differences in North / South culture

Price of gas per gallon by county

A recent map published by GasBuddy on October 5th, shows gas prices by state and county here in the U.S.   You often hear about how we are “one” culture, “one” country by the politicians. This is certainly true in many aspects of our life but the recent GasBuddy map shows that very distinct cultural differences still exist in our country.  In fact in many aspects it looks like a Harpers Weekly map of the North and South published in 1861.

Traditionally the South has always been conservative, while the North has always been more progressive.  As you can see in the gas map, the states with higher gas prices are the states mainly controlled by the Democratic Party with Califorinia being the highest.  The areas in the South with above normal gas prices  such as Florida and North Carolina are heavily populated with Democrats ( many transplants from Northern areas).



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