New Second Amendment group forms in Southeast Missouri

semo_tenA new gun rights education and advocacy group has formed in Southeast, Missouri.  Semo 10 meets every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at the Chaffee, VFW hall.

Named for both the area in which the group is located (Southeast Missouri) and the ten amendments to the United States constitution which, together, form the Bill of Rights, the group is dedicated to preserving the Second Amendment through educating the public and meeting with area representatives in Jefferson City.

  • During Semo-10’s Jan. 30 meeting the group:

* Decided to make their Facebook page public, as well as ways to better utilize social media in the efforts.

* Agreed to adopt a mission statement

* Distributed contact information for elected officials and Missouri 8th Congressional District Committee members, as well as examples to aid members in writing elected officials.

* Set annual membership dues at $20

* Agreed to attend the 8th Congressional District Nominating Committee on February 9th in Van Buren, Missouri.

For more information on Semo 10 you can visit the group’s Facebook page or add them on Twitter @semo10group .

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