G.O.P. prepares to give Missouri 8’th District the “Ron Paul” treatment

Jason Smith, Republica establishment favorite for Missouri's 8th Congressional District. Smith supports Obamacare and a China free-trade hub in St. Louis, Mo.

Jason Smith, Republica establishment favorite for Missouri’s 8th Congressional District. Smith supports Obamacare and a China free-trade hub in St. Louis, Mo.

It seems like only yesterday that the Southeast Missourian newspaper was reporting that:

Democrats who will select a candidate to run in a June special election to fill a congressional vacancy in Missouri’s 8th district have changed their plans for a nomination meeting that was to be combined with a candidate forum Sunday. {Jan 27}…Republicans in charge of two public forums organized by the party in recent weeks for possible nominees to answer questions were quick to criticize the Democrat committee’s decision to close the forum.

“This process should be as open and transparent as humanly possible,” said Eddy Justice, chair of the Republican committee. “To hide any part of it smacks of having something to hide, of decisions being made by a select few in a smoke-filled backroom, embarrassment due to lack of organization or a combination of all three. These committees are public organizations and their activities should function accordingly.”

Almost as suddenly as the GOP criticism of the Democratic Party’s 8th Congressional District nominating committee was reported a strange turn of events began to transpire, beginning with the Southeast Missourian reporting on Jan 27, 2013 :

After first labeling it a nominating meeting, then a candidate forum closed to the press and the public, 8th Congressional District Democrats late Saturday said a committee meeting today in Poplar Bluff, Mo., will be a candidate forum open to the public and press.

After criticising the Democratic Party’s nominating committee’s decision to have a “closed forum” the Republican 8th District nominating committee decided what was good for the goose was not good for the gander on Feb 1, 2013 the Southeast Missourian reported:

The Republican choice for Congress in Missouri’s 8th District may be nominated, if all goes according to plan, by secret ballot.

Whether a secret ballot is legal under Missouri’s open-meetings laws is up for debate.

The 8th District Republican Committee has taken the position that any interpretation of the secret ballot’s legality is moot. The committee argues it is not defined as a public body and therefore immune to the Sunshine Law.

“We have examined the law and the cases, and we feel that’s what law compels,” said Harvey Tettlebaum, an attorney representing the Missouri Republican Party. “Because it’s a much more complicated issue than it appears on its face, because it implicates federal constitutional protections and Supreme Court decisions, so it’s not just a question of [Section 610 of the Missouri Sunshine Law], it’s a question of what the courts have allowed political parties to do, and how they regard political parties. We’ve done extensive research on it, so we feel pretty comfortable that political parties are not public governmental bodies.”

Eddy Justice, chairman of the 8th District Republican Committee, said the group is basing its rules for casting ballots on the most recent version of Robert’s Rules of Order, which lays out parliamentary procedures for legislative bodies and other types of assemblies, unless those rules conflict with state statute or the committee’s own rules.

Unbelievably this is the same Eddie Justice who previously stated , “This process should be as open and transparent as humanly possibleTo hide any part of it smacks of having something to hide”

This might have some individuals scratching their heads wondering if this is the case what is the G.O.P. trying to hide?  The answer might be related to former Representative Jo Ann Emerson sudden departure from office, and one of the candidates who wants to replace her.

According to a Facebook group entitled Jo Ann Emerson Missouri RINO Exposed:

Jo Ann Emerson’s union supporting, former lobbyist is supporting Jason Smith for Emerson’s vacant seat. I hope none of you are swayed to vote for this Emerson shill who visited Emerson in DC 4 times, never complained about her record unti…l she resigned. Jason Smith is a joke and will be an establishment republican through and through much like his votes to set up Obama care exchanges in the state and his vote to fund the “China hub” in St. Louis. We need someone of integrity to represent us in Congress and that isn’t Jason Smith.
If that is not enough evidence to sway your opinion The Missouri Times reports that:
Rep. Jason Smith is sponsoring a bill that would change the way vacancies are handled in statewide offices. Smith’s bill might seem, to a casual observer, as legislation aimed at protecting the highest-ranking statewide office of an elected republican, the Lt. Governor. With Lt. Gov. Kinder running for a vacant congressional seat and the future of his office uncertain, Smith understands the assumption that he’s trying to protect the position.

This is the fifth consecutive year I’ve sponsored legislation like this. My constituents in my district, and I imagine constituents all around the state, they are wondering how we replace statewide officers. They want their voice to be heard.”

It is not surprising that the Missouri Times would portray Smith in a favorable light, it is an online publication that was founded by former Missouri Speaker of the House Rod Jetton , who is infamous for co-sponsoring a slavery apology bill introduced by radical liberal Talibdin El-Amin ( D)-St. Louis as well as an assualt charge made by his lover at the time.
In addition the paper prominently features former Missouri Governor “Back Door” Bob Holden ( so named for taking the back door of the Governor’s mansion rather than facing protesters at the time).

It is the opinion of the Marble Hill Constitution-News that the “establishment” wants Jason Smith to be the Republican nominee for Missouri’s 8th Congressional District. The departure of Emerson and the decision of who will replace her draws parallels to the 2012 Republican caucuses that took place in Missouri.  The people wanted Ron Paul at many of these caucuses, but the establishment wanted Romney and were willing to do anything, including committing voter fraud to get him as witnessed in St. Charles and Clay counties in Missouri

Like the 2012 Republican caucuses, the nomination process that will decide who will be the Republican nominee for the 8th Congressional district is fielding a popular grass-roots candidate. Like Ron Paul , Bob Parker of Ramondville , Missouri is a candidate who believes in fiscal responsibility, property rights and the right to keep and bear arms, in other words he is a strict constitutionalist and this doesn’t sit well with the Republican establishment, who doesn’t want their candidate to question orders. This certainly explains the decision of the 8th District nominating committee to hold a secret ballot election to replace Emerson’s vacatedseat

While the Marble Hill Costitution-News is certainly not advocating that you vote for any particular candidate, we do believe in fair, open , elections and meetings when it comes to deciding who the next Republican candidate for Missouri’s 8th Congressional District will be.  Our representative should be decided by the people, if you believe the same, feel free to contact the 8th District nominating committee by clicking on the following link to download their email addresses. Then let them know the meeting should be public as well as who you support.
Click Here to obtain Republican nominating committee email ( must be logged on to Facebook)

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7 Responses to “G.O.P. prepares to give Missouri 8’th District the “Ron Paul” treatment”

  1. “Like Ron Paul, Bob Parker…” We want someone like Ron Paul? Have you forgotten that Ron Paul voted to approve sex-selective abortion, he voted to allow homosexuals to serve openly int the military, supports the right of homsexuals to get married, a right that has been reserved by God Almighty! for one man and one women! Ron Paul recently said ” Live by the sword, die by the sword” in reference to the murder of of a great American hero, Chris Kyle, by a deranged murderer! No I don’t think we need anyone like Ron Paul.

    • Thank you for reading and taking the time to reply. In regards to same sex marriage and abortion Ron Paul’s official stance was that it should be the right of the states respectively to make those decisions. If this were the case the overwhelming number of states would vote against gay marriage and abortion as well.
      It is the Yankee way to make others believe as they do. It is the Southern way to let others live in peace as they see fit. In other words, I don’t really care what Rhode Island or other Northeast states do, that being said, I take great offense when they try to force their beliefs on me via a national platform. I have many questions about the murder of Chris Kyle, he is the 3’rd high profile , pro-Second amdendment business owner to be murdered in the past month. As you know “live by the sword die by the sword” are words that come straight from the Bible. He had a dirty job to do that’s for sure but he put his life on the line for each of us and helped his brothers out when they came back home. Mr. Parker is against gay marriage and abortion, he is also a devout Christian, I suspect you and he have more in common than you think ; )

    • Thomas Jefferson III Reply February 6, 2013 at 11:26 am

      You must be an establishment shill who wants all of the things you SAY you are against or you would be FOR wiping them out one state at a time. You must be thrilled with the 55 million children killed by roe v wade since 1973 or you would be FOR more than half of the states to stop the killing. Would you please get your head out of the sand and help get this party back from the hijackers of our constitution and the Missouri mob that has been running this state party? I am in the state party, I know what I am talking about. They sabotage and intimidate the good candidates so the horrid agenda folks can win. And you, although maybe unwittingly, are assisting them.

      As for Chris Kyle — The Bible is very clear that in the last days good will be called evil and evil will be called good. When Christians boo the Golden Rule, we are certainly there. Maybe you aren’t a Christian, but if you are – how can a Christian support the killing of woman and children around the world? If you do, you don’t serve the same God that I serve. Please wake up and pay attention to what your evil government has become and what it has done to so many of our servicemen and women who commit suicide because they cannot live with what they have done here on earth at the coercion of their government.


    • You are a moron, and no American

  2. Says it all.
    Bob Parker of Ramondville , Missouri is a candidate who believes in fiscal responsibility, property rights and the right to keep and bear arms, in other words he is a strict constitutionalist and this doesn’t sit well with the Republican establishment, who doesn’t want their candidate to question orders

    • Thanks for reading Lewis. If you like the site please spread the word and also tell others to feel free to contribute articles and news tips!


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