Results from Scott County Republican Straw Poll

Ramondville, Mo rancher Bob Parker won the Scott County, Missouri Republican Straw Poll held in Sikeston on Feb 4, 2013

Ramondville, Mo rancher Bob Parker won the Scott County, Missouri Republican Straw Poll held in Sikeston on Feb 4, 2013

Scott County Missouri Republicans met tonight in Sikeston for a candidates forum and a straw poll with candidates who are seeking former U.S. Representative Jo An Emerson’s seat for Missouri’s 8th Congressional District. The results are as follows:

Bob Parker – 19

Jason Crowell – 7

Jason Smith – 4

Lloyd Smith – 1

J. Terrell – 0.

Sam Lacy, Communications Officer for the newly formed gun rights group Semo 10 has the report:

On Monday, Feb. 2nd 2013, Members of the SEMO 10 organization attended a special meeting of the Scott County Republican Committee.  In attendance were nominee’s Jason Crowl, Jason Smith and Bob Parker was represented via proxy. 

The meeting was opened by a semi “off the record” statement from Dee Cookson.  The key topics of this statement were essentially that Dee did not agree 100% with the circumstances surround the upcoming “secret ballot” in Van Buren, but that she would stand behind whatever candidate won the election.  She also stated that if your candidate is not chosen, it is not becoming to stamp your feet and break things. The meeting was then opened by a prayer followed by the pledge of Allegiance.  Standard business meeting procedures took place and the floor was opened to new business.

The committee that is forming the Scott County Lincoln Day dinner gave a small speech about the upcoming event March 2nd.  Neil Boyd is set to sing, and the keynote speaker will be author Mr. William Federer.  Tickets to the event were set at 10.00 per plate.  Meal choices have yet to be announced though it will be catered by Ziegler’s. At this point Mr. John McMillian had the floor and gave an endorsement for Wendell Bailey.  Wendell is running on the basis that he would be a representative only for the term that would be left on Former Rep. JoAnn Emerson’s seat.  After that he would gladly step down to provide a way for the next nominee to run in the general election.  Jon also state that he did not fully made up his mind on who he would vote for at this time. Next, Mr. Roger Reckor <sp?  stood up to address the floor.   Roger made the statement that he had personally met with ¾ of the nominees in the race and that, while he had not chosen who to vote for, he had it narrowed down to 3 or 4.  Roger stated later in the meeting that whoever won the nomination, he would go door to door in his precinct to campaign for them.  As Roger is not a young man, I found this to be very inspiring. 

The candidates in the running then had the floor.  Jason Crowl spoke first.  The talking points of his speech were to cut spending, cut regulation, protect our inalienable rights granted by God (not the government) and to leave our communities in better shape than they were when given to us. Next the gentleman representing Bob Parker spoke.  He gave a testament to Bob’s character, saying that in the eve of an “Extreme Emerson” we needed a candidate that would stand up for the people he represented and say NO!.  He stressed the fact that Parker believes God’s word and work come 1stHe stressed the fact that Bob would fight against all those who sought to belittle and regulate our second Amendment rights, and promised that Bob would bring fresh, new ideas to a failing nation.  

Afterwards, his points were met with criticism by those who were supporters of JoAnn Emerson.

Jason Smith then took the floor.  His talking points were to cut spending mainly.  He also made note that if we wanted to blame anybody for allowing Joann’s seat to have to be voided, it should be Democratic Governor Jay Nixon, who purposefully set the date back on the election.  Jason Smith’s words were met with great interest on the part of several of the Scott County Republicans. 

After the nominees finished the floor was opened up to discussion.  A gentleman brought up the fact that Missouri has introduced legislation to combat “Agenda 21” which is essentially a UN backed bill to grab land and private property.  At this point in the evening I took the opportunity to stand up and give a brief speech about SEMO 10 and what we stand for.  You’ll have to ask somebody who was listening what I said exactly but I will try and recreate my talking points to the best of my ability.  I was very nervous to be truthful and with only having 3 minutes of talking time, I spoke quickly and tried to cover as many talking points as possible. Here is what I recall saying.  Somebody that was listening can elaborate more because honestly I felt like I was pulling this stuff out of thin air and talking as fast as I could. I referenced the fact that all the representatives present had referenced spending during their talking points.  I stated that while it is important to be fiscally responsible as a nation, talk of spending would do little good when our constitutional rights were gone.  I made reference to the 1st and 2nd amendment during this time and stressed their importance highly.  I also asked to see a show of hands about who had heard democrat or republicans throw around the word “compromise” lately, most everybody raised their hands. 

I immediately stated the fact that our Bill of Rights has zero room for compromise. I also made reference to the fact that our elected officials were out of touch with the current state of our nation.  I noted that I feared our nation was secretly on the brink of Revolution and that I was worried the consequences of such an event.  I stated that it was the duty of Americans, as well as our organization, that we should meet with people who are ready to fight and bring them back from the brink, and teach them the importance of preserving our liberties and our nation before it was too late.  I also stressed that we should all reach out to neighbors with differing views or politics and try and educate them on the importance of the Bill of Rights and its role in our nation as well as provide community outreach.  At this point I was notified that my time was up even though I’m pretty sure I was to about the 5 min mark. I would like to finish this report by stating that I am by far, not a public speaker. 

I am not comfortable speaking in front of any group of people.  I felt as though I stumbled and flopped my way “poorly” though a brief 3-5 minutes.  But I did so to raise awareness.  I pray that that the nominees pay heed to my words because mainly, they are the truth.  Our country cannot continue down a path that would see our values, our heritage and more importantly, our God given Constitutional Rights stripped away from us. I encourage each member of SEMO 10 to stand up alongside me.  Please stand alongside your fellow members and attend these meetings.  Because while dull, boring and full of ritual and routine, it is of the utmost importance to sow the seeds of true change at the local level first.  Once the movement begins close to home we can work on expanding it to the State and eventually National levels. Please attend our next meeting in person if you’re able.  If not please encourage your friends and loved ones to join, or to even simply write to their representatives.  Because until we start demanding our elected official work for us, they will just continue to work for special interest groups. Thank you for your time in reading this.

 I hope to see you soon.

In Liberty, Sam Lacy Communications Officer – SEMO 10.

“We the People”



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