Marble Hill Mayor Impeached

From the Southeast Missourian…

MARBLE HILL, Mo. — Michael Sowers presided over his final board of aldermen meeting as Marble Hill mayor Monday night, when the board unanimously voted him out of office…

Monday night Acup produced an undated letter written to the board of aldermen by Bill Teeters of Marble Hill outlining an encounter he had in November with Sowers on a Woodland school bus when he told Sowers, who drives a bus, that he thought Sowers was driving too fast.

Sowers told Acup she was out of line for bringing up an incident that was not related to city business. He also suggested that since Acup and Johnson are both friends of Teeters’ wife that their intent in bringing the matter before the board was suspect.

“This has no place in this meeting,” Sowers said.

Responded Acup, “What bothers me is your behavior.”

The final line of Teeters’ letter reads “I consider Mr. Sowers to have an uncontrolled temper that may impede good judgment.”

Sowers countered that Teeters had stood in the middle of the road forcing him to stop his bus; he then attempted to board the bus, and accused him of driving over 35 mph. Sowers added that he was not only upset by Teeters’ standing in the road and then threatening him, but had recently learned a fellow bus driver had suddenly died of a heart attack and he was under stress from learning of it. He later apologized personally to Teeters for his behavior, but defended his driving skills and said school records show that he is a safe driver.

Sowers again questioned the wisdom of bringing the incident up at a city meeting.

“The aldermen of the city should not be wasting time talking about table saws when you are not concerned about the fact that (administrative assistant) Tammy Whitney went to Jefferson City for an I and I (infiltration and inflow) issue,” Sowers said. “None of you wanted to know anything about that or about the fact that the governor’s office informed you that the city was not in compliance and had been told we would be. Why would you bring up something in my private life? The personal attacks against me I don’t find worthy.”

When Acup repeated her concern about Sowers’ behavior, he challenged her to impeach him. Johnson then made a motion to impeach. Several minutes passed during which attorney Alan Beussink attempted to explain the procedures for articles of impeachment.

No one seconded Johnson’s motion until Alderman James Sear questioned if Sowers wanted to resign, adding “If you are, then I’ll second the motion (to impeach).” Sowers took that as a second to Johnson’s motion and called for a vote. It was unanimous to impeach. Click here to continue

As editor of this online publication I would like to state my opinion about  what has transpired in our little town since Mayor Sowers has been elected.

His term has not been an easy one, but I feel it is the result of his own actions and his own behavior.

One of the things I have noticed since he has taken office is an increased police presence, which under the right conditions, the right direction and the right intentions would not be a bad thing but this is not what I have noticed and one of the reasons I decided to run for office again.

I have noticed what appears to be a a police presence that is being used in an attempt to “fine this town into prosperity”  $200 per offense.

It is an idea and a practice that will have the opposite effect on our town. I say town because that is the community in which we live, not a large City.

We live in “Mayberry” if you will. Not perfect by any means but certainly undeserving of the practices of “big city” law enforcement.

Citizens of this community , as well as visitors, do not want to feel or be treated as if they are a common criminal, while driving to the hardware  store, the grocery stores or one of our numerous restaurants. Our community can not afford these practices, especially in this economy.

This community depends on the revenue of visitors. Our police should be here to protect and serve, not harass.  Law enforcement in a town the size of Marble Hill requires common sense, not a “police state”. Hopefully with the impeachment of ex-Mayor Sowers things will change.

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I am just an average blue collar American who works hard and tries to be a good dad. I have a passion for history, music and freedom.

2 Responses to “Marble Hill Mayor Impeached”

  1. Our police should be here to protect and serve, not harass. Law enforcement in a town the size of Marble Hill requires common sense, not a “police state”.

    I totally agree with this statement. This town use to be a very nice place to live and could be again. We need to work for the good of the town and the people who lived. I personally do not understand why a small city would need a table saw. I do not have one and manage quite well with a skill saw. 🙂

    I would like to see the police of Marble Hill set example for the younger people such as no talking on cell phone, wear seat belts, and no speeding.

  2. Kudos to Bill. His mother would be proud.

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