Another warning to Americans on Gun Guntrol

Brian Lilley is Senior Correspondent for Sun Media on Parliament Hill. Brian has been covering politics for the last 10 years. Five of those years were spent as Ottawa Bureau Chief.

“All we need is sensible gun policy, like they have in Canada.”That’s the type of argument that has appeared in columns and letters to the editor across the United States since the gun control debate reignited last December with the Sandy Hook massacre.

You won’t have your guns taken away, just registered with the government. As I said in early January, registration leads to confiscation. That’s been the Canadian experience anyway as police and politicians decided that certain guns were bad and needed to be surrendered.

How did they get law abiding gun owners to surrender their rifles without compensation? They are all in the registry and failure to comply means jail time.

Now Missouri and several other states are following that lead and considering bills that will force legal and law abiding firearms owners to surrender their rifles or head to the slammer.

Will these bills pass? Chances are they won’t, but if I were an American gun owner I wouldn’t count on legislators doing the right thing. Brian Lilley has the rest of the story. Continue reading by clicking here.

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