America’s Voice Radio interviews “Dixiecrat” Steve Hodges

America’s Voice radio interviewed Democratic nominee for Missouri’s 8th Congressional District, Representative Steve Hodges. Host Michael Evans researched his voting record and stated that Hodges is 100% Pro-Life and Pro-Gun. According to Evans’ Facebook page, Hodges is:

“Today we had on the “Dixiecrat” candidate for our 8th District CONgressional seat vacated by Jo Ann Emerson. Based on his answers to our questions and Steve’s voting record in our Missouri legislature you can’t really lump him in with Democrats. Here is a summary of his positions on questions posed during our interview. Note: I’ll post a link to Rep. Hodges voting record in the comments section of… this post so you can see it for yourselves and make your own informed decision on whom to support in this race. Gun bans / restrictions: Absolutely against any gun bans or restrictions on our 2nd amendment rights Keystone Pipeline: 100 Percent for the implementation of the Keystone Pipeline. Executive Orders: The Congress and especially the House is the closest to the people and they are Constitutionally charge with the creation of legislation. That’s where laws need to be made [Congress] not via executive orders.”

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