Dept. of Justice Memo: Confiscate the Guns


The National Rifle Association has obtained a Department of Justice memo calling for national gun registration and confiscation. The nine page “cursory summary” on current gun control initiatives was not officially releasedby the Obama administration.

The DOJ memo states the administration “believes that a gun ban will not work without mandatory gun confiscation” and thinks universal background checks “won’t work without requiring national gun registration.” Obama has yet to publicly support national registration or firearms confiscation, although the memo reveals his administration is moving in that direction.

The memo stands in stark contrast to the administration’s public stance on so-called gun control. White House spokesman Jay Carney said last month that laws proposed by Obama would not “take away a gun from a single law-abiding American.”

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This is nothing new from this administration. Can anyone truly believe that total gun confiscation is not the ultimate goal of this president? I run into people on a daily basis that say that they don’t understand why everyone is so upset about the subject of gun control. They always say the same thing. They don’t understand why anyone needs a 30 round magazine. This statement is usually followed by some horrible series of stories about accidental shootings etc, which is then followed by the reassuring statement of ” the government would never take our guns”.

First of all, for every accidental gun shooting there are just as many or not far more incidents in which someone is seriously injured in a car accident, or a child is not seriously injured by chasing a ball into a busy street.

Second, for those who think the government would not take our guns, tell that to the residents of Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.- Editor.

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