Press Release: Bill Slantz offers common sense solutions

Contact: Skyler Miller, Campaign Manager – Committee to Elect Bill Slantz

Tel: 573-263-5109





If elected, Bill Slantz, Libertarian Party candidate for US Representative (MO-8), has a simple formula for deciding how to vote on proposed legislation in Congress.  He will base his decision by asking the following questions…

* Does the legislation violate any amendment listed in the Bill of Rights?

* Does the legislation exceed the limited enumerated powers of the federal government as defined in the US Constitution?

* Will the legislation increase the deficit, or the public debt?

* Will the legislation create new or higher taxes?

* Will the legislation create favoritism?

* Does the legislation impede the free market?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, Bill Slantz will not vote for it.  Bill says:

“The voice of reason has been silent in all levels of government for far too long.  I have always believed strongly in public service, but I thought my talents were best utilized by running my business and creating jobs.  After watching everything I cherish being compromised by big government mismanagement, I can no longer remain on the sidelines.  Because I know that I can help solve rather than compound our current problems, I feel it is my duty as a proud Missourian to do my part, and represent my neighbors in Washington, DC.  This country was founded on the premise that our liberty is secured by limiting the size, scope and intrusiveness of government.  We have wandered off that path incrementally.  We can now look back and realize that we have lost our way.  I am convinced that both Democrats and Republicans cannot and will not make the fundamental changes we need because they have far too much to gain by maintaining the status quo.”

Read more about Bill Slantz, Libertarian for US Representative (MO-8), and his vision for a more peaceful and prosperous future at

Bill Slantz contact information:

1620 Congress Way

St Charles, MO 63303

United States

Ph: 636-922-1600 Email:


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