Representative Steve Hodges cancels appearance at Gun Rights group

Last month State Representative Steve Hodges was nominated to be the Democratic candidate for the Missouri 8th Congressional District recently vacated by Republican Jo Ann Emerson.

One of Hodges first speaking appearances was to be at the SEMO-10 organization ( a pro gun / Bill of Rights group which meets each week in Chaffee , Missouri) but a post on the group’s Facebook page today stated:

Representative Hodges local office contacted me today and informed me that his Campaign manager has other plans for him on the evening of the 20th

Considering the fact that Hodges recently appeared on the America’s Voice radio program touting his conservative “Dixiecrat” credentials, one has to wonder; Is Hodges now distancing himself from his “conservative” state voting record to embrace liberal values of the Democrats who serve at the federal level? – Editor

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4 Responses to “Representative Steve Hodges cancels appearance at Gun Rights group”

  1. His new campaign manager advised against it. He will start runnimg an “un-campaign” like Smith; never going on record as to where he stands on the issues. Telling a friendly audience what they want to hear is not the same thing as taking a stand.

    • Thank You for this information Rick. I have contacted Hodges campaign in regards to why he has hired a Chicago “high roller” and have yet to here from him. Personally I believe it is more than an “uncampaign”. It is Hodges transitioning from a local “conservative” position to a national one in which the national democratic leaders now have control of his campaign and we know what the “national democrat” position is…anti-gun.

  2. IF he wants money from the DNC he will have to ditch his “Dixiecrat” persona. I wouldn’t expect to hear the “c” word from him anymore. Jay Nixon / Bill Clinton are the models on which he will base his campaign on now; slightly to the right of Obama.

    • True but he will pay for this. Here is the deal. He already put it out to KAPE radio 1550 that he was supposed to appear at a local gun rights club a while back and they aired the announcement multiple times. He already has got the publicity he wanted but this online paper is dedicated to holding their feet to the fire.

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