Offended demand “Old Slave Road” be renamed

From the Southeast Missourian Newspaper:

ST. LOUIS — Old Slave Road in suburban St. Louis could be getting a new name.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the Historic Preservation Commission in Wildwood, Mo., is considering whether to recommend a name change.

Residents who live along the road complain that the name tends to offend people. Opponents say residents are trying to sanitize history.

Spanning just six-tenths of a mile, the private street used to be the main road to a plantation home and runs past a historic slave cemetery.

Historic Preservation Commission chairman Lynne Martin said the current name dates only from about 1979, when a developer platted the subdivision along the road.

Most of the property owners are recommending renaming it Elijah Madison Lane to recognize a former slave who fought in the Civil War.

We can only speculate just who the “offended” are but this incident is one of many politically white-wash stories that are flooding in from every corner of the country. Did slaves not exist? Is that the point we are at in this country? That they didn’t exist and slavery never happened? If so this represents a very big problem for the proponents of civil rights who gave us Martin Luther King Jr. Day (month) in January and Black History Month in February.  After all the main selling point of the PC police is to remind every one of the “struggle” of African-Americans from slavery through the civil rights era.  If there is no slavery , then how could there be any “struggle”?  Perhaps the liberal left has revealed a chink in their armor? And no Jeremy Lin I will not apologize for using that phrase.- Editor


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2 Responses to “Offended demand “Old Slave Road” be renamed”

  1. Jefferson Davis CSA Reply March 14, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    the road might consider OLD BLACK JOE . This civil war term means coffee.Quite a treat.or modern term Heres mudd in your eye.

  2. Jimmy L. Shirley Jr. Reply March 15, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    What I find both curious and hypocritical is this. On the left hand, the always whining people wail and wail about getting their itty bitty feelings hurt, just like whining children do, about any and all of these so-called “painful reminders of slavery”. Painful? As opposed to “pleasant”? According to them, arent ALL reminders of slavery “painful”?
    But then on the right hand, they dont mind at all Museums being built themed completely about slavery, unless they tell the truth about it, which would show that it was not mostly about whips and chains. Because to them, telling the truth is “revisionism”. But when you think about what revisionism is, REVISING, then yes, after being taught/told lies about slavery for the past 150 years, then the story does need to be revised to reflect the truth.

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