Interview with Doug Enyart: Candidate for Missouri 8th Congressional District

I was recently looking at an online forum on one of the area’s larger media outlets. The subject of Doug Enyart appeared on a thread. Mr. Enyart is a forestry consultant in the Piedmont , Missouri area and is the Constitution Party candidate for Representative in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District. The people on the forum wanted to know more about his views on issues that would affect Southeast Missouri, so I contacted Mr. Enyart and he was more than happy to elaborate:

MHCN: Thank You for taking the time to answer a few questions for the Constitution-News.

Recently I noticed that the subject of your candidacy came up on an online media forum. The biggest feedback being that the participants didn’t know much about where you stand on many issues based on your press-release.

Could you give some insight about what prompted you to run for office? What are the biggest issues that the citizens of Missouri’s 8th Congressional District are facing today and how would you address these issues?

Doug Enyart: There’s only so much you can put into an announcement like that. The number one driving force that compelled me to get into the race is my grandchildren. The national debt now racing toward $17 Trillion, with Washington, Republicans and Democrats alike, is showing no indication of a willingness to seriously stop the spending. I am also deeply concerned about the erosion of rights and the intrusion of government into our daily lives. Bureaucrats working for agencies imposing new regulations with elected representatives not even aware. The 8th Congressional District needs are much the same as the nations. We need our freedom restored. And we need jobs, provided by small businesses, which are disadvantaged because regulations favor large business.

MHCN: What is the main focus of your campaign?

Doug Enyart: My main focus on the campaign is structural regarding how individual issues relate to the Constitution. For instance, immigration and gun rights are issues we are currently facing, but the Constitution provides answers for these issues.

I’m disturbed by drone usage and the fact that the executive branch is granting themselves more power and control over citizens, giving themselves authority to incarcerate citizens without due process (Eric Holder’s recent statements on the legality of assassinating American citizens using drones). We need serious limits on the central government.

MHCN: Why should citizens vote for Doug Enyart, as opposed to Republican nominee Jason Smith or Democratic nominee Steve Hodges?

Doug Enyart: My principal reasons for getting in the race, are due to the fact that the central government is dominated by the two-party system, we need more choices. There is gridlock in Washington, things  are not getting done in Washington that should be by Congress. At the same time the executive and judicial branches are doing things that should not be done, during this gridlock.

It doesn’t matter if we send a Republican or a Democrat , either one we send will be ally themselves with their party. The (8th) District has unique opportunity to send someone who can crack the two-party wall. If we can do this, other states will follow.

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I am just an average blue collar American who works hard and tries to be a good dad. I have a passion for history, music and freedom.

3 Responses to “Interview with Doug Enyart: Candidate for Missouri 8th Congressional District”

  1. You want a choice other than the typical party dogs…………here it is, Vote for the Constitution!

  2. I agree with Jim Morris, let’s do something different, Stop voting for the parties that have got us into this mess.


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