Proposed library tax; Worth the investment?

I attended the Bollinger County Chamber of Commerce meeting today, (held at the Senior Center), to hear Mrs. Eva Dunn’s presentation on the proposed tax to build a new library and archive center in Marble Hill.

The primary reason being is that the Library has been flooded three times since 1983, the last being in 2008 when water rose to 2 ½ on the outside of the building.

Dunn also stated that the current Extension Center / Archives are not ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant and that both the library and extension center is becoming crowded and not structurally sound for expansion.

In addition Mrs. Dunn added that when talking to the architect for the project he suggested that the Library Board would ”need to purchase 3 to 4 acres” Dunn added that “The best location for the project was the acreage  located behind the new Dollar General store. So the Library Board actually had the funds to purchase that property on the hill”.

There will be two levels to the proposed project.  The upper level will be the library and the lower level will be the archives, which will measure 8000 square feet and feature a commercial kitchen.

During her presentation Dunn stated the advantages of such a project noting that the commercial kitchen would allow those who sell their products at the farmer’s market to bottle and can their produce, which would allow them to ship it anywhere.  The commercial kitchen along with the combined space would make the new library / archives available to become a warming center when residents lose power during the winter due to inclement weather. Dunn also touted the fact that more extension classes could be offered along with I-TV which would allow teachers to conduct classes at the center from virtually anywhere.

In conclusion Mrs. Dunn stated that the project would be funded by a 20 year bond which would appear as a property tax costing the average  county resident approximately $40.00 per year.

There seems to be many advantages to this project but the reporter and the skeptic in me has questions.

First of all it wasn’t so long ago that the library created a computer lab that benefited (and continues to benefit many) some of the beneficiaries seem to be post graduate young adults who spend all day open – close playing video games and frequently and loudly utilizing foul language as they do so.  They don’t work, they don’t contribute financially to the establishment (through taxes) therefore they do not care how they treat the facilities.  Am I to finance their lifestyle of leisure?

Second of all I have to question whether the Library Board should have purchased nearly 4 acres of land before finding out the results of the April 2, bond issue.  I do not know how much the acreage was purchased for but I do know who it was purchased from.

After attending the presentation by Mrs. Dunn at the Chamber of Commerce meeting today, I called the Bollinger County Recorder of Deeds office and asked the staff member who answered the phone, just who the land was purchased from.  The staff member replied that “she thought that it was purchased from Kenny Shrum”

If so this certainly explains why his son Gary Shrum opposed the building location of the new Family Dollar store in Marble Hill (currently being constructed next to Jay’s BBQ) as previously reported by this publication.

I’m not trying to sway anyone’s vote by this report, however; it is very clear that on April 2 citizens of Bollinger County will have to decide if the tax is worth the proposed investment given the circumstances surrounding it- Editor


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