Slantz: Politics shouldn’t be a blood sport

It is common today and even throughout history to pick winners and losers. We do this in so many segments of our society from the soccer fields of adolescent sports to professional football, baseball and Nascar. Our movie stars and actors strive for Oscar and Emmy awards and the craze of American Idol has not only captured our nation, but from around the world people text their vote for their favorite contestant as we go about picking our winners and losers.

It seems natural to pick sides in politics. We often become so committed to one side we don’t consider all the issues and options. But as you know, Politics is not a sport, nor a source of entertainment or a reality game show. Our politicians make decisions that effect each of us and how we live our lives. In politics, we the people choose the avenue by which to be governed.

Living together in a free society means taking seriously who we choose to represent us best so we can have life, liberty, and pursue happiness! Currently politics seems like a blood sport, but it is NO SPORT! We should not be picking winners and losers! We need to live together and value the beliefs of others, not conquer each other!

As politicians, we need to find common ground, we need to lead our nation to a better place and continue to provide opportunities for future generations so they too can enjoy the freedom of choosing to battle for their favorite sporting team, but also learn to engage in voting for the best solutions offered by our politicians to suit the needs of all people!

That’s how I feel anyway.

Bill Slantz is the Libertarian Party nominee for Missouri’s 8th Congressional District

About aldermanlacy

I am just an average blue collar American who works hard and tries to be a good dad. I have a passion for history, music and freedom.

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