Michael Savage claims federal cover up of Boston Marathon events

From: Before It’s News.Com:

“An alleged “Saudi national” named Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi was immediately apprehended by local police, only be released at the orders of Federal authorities, before he was quietly and swift sent on a plane back to Saudi Arabia. An important note here is the term, ‘Saudi national’, meaning he holds a Saudi Arabian passport but there is no confirmation of him being a Saudi Arabian citizen. This is often the case with covert assets in the field, some of whom hold up to 5 different passports and work for more than one intelligence agency. Combinations can often include asset holding Saudi, US, German, Israeli, Iraqi, Irish or Egyptian passports as an example. Was Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi such a person? Because of swift action by US federal officials, we may never find out any more about this person of interest.

One thing is certain in this case: the at the US Federal government does not want this ‘person of interest’ to be held or interrogated on US soil in connection with the Boston Bombing.”

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