Iraq or Boston? You decide

Jim Bovard.Com has released shocking video from Boston, Mass. During the hunt for the Boston bombers, the police ( and perhaps military?) conducted house to house sweeps.

Writes Bovard:

“Police were continually screaming “don’t look out the window!” during their sweep in Watertown last week. This photo shows what happens to folks who disobeyed that order.”


So our security now depends on permitting police to threaten to kill anyone who disobeys any order? Or to treat every American like a terrorist suspect who can be gunned down on the flimsiest pretext?

As more people view photos and videos like the above, the knee-jerk pro-government reaction to last week’s finale will dissipate. It will not matter if 70% or 80% of people still support any action the government takes. There will be enough people – initially with camcoms and cell phones – that the legitimacy of mass crackdowns will not survive.”

Bovard also published a video of the sweep of a Watertown neighborhood.  Anytime a national tragedy occurs the American people unite and become patriotic.

Following the Boston Marathon bombing America did not see the same unified patriotic response to this terrorist act as it did following 9-11.

Perhaps it is because there wasn’t the amount of deaths or  the site of whole buildings coming down  I don’t know. The people of Boston, however; did burst out into a spontaneous rendition of the national anthem at the Bruins game following the bombings.

It has been 12 years since the attacks of 9-11 and many facts and questions have emerged in the time that has transpired since 9/11/2001. The internet has become a useful tool in the sharing of ideas and information and for this reason, it is difficult for the government, at any level, to cover up house to house sweeps and the treatment of law abiding citizens, like the ones that recently transpired in Watertown, Mass.

There can be no doubt that the police (and whoever else was involved) were searching for the suspect at large, but the question must be raised that one has to wonder; Was this a search for a bomber as much as it was a training exercise on how to control the populace?

Watch the video below and decide for yourself – Editor

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I am just an average blue collar American who works hard and tries to be a good dad. I have a passion for history, music and freedom.

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