Southern Nationalist News publisher: “I’m a propagandist”

A few months back I was asked by Michael Cushman to help keep his website Southern Nationalist Network up to date as he was carrying a heavy work load at the time. Despite past experiences with these types of situations, I said yes.

One of the first disagreements that Michael and I had was an article I linked to , from my own news site about the Northern perspective on Negro soldiers. 

Originally published in the Cairo (Illinois) Democrat and republished in the  October 9th, 1863 Charleston (Missouri) Courier the article detailed the enlistment of Negro soldiers in Cairo, Ill:

A company of negro troops numbering ninety-five, all recruited here, went to Helena, o the Menebaha. A large umber of dark complexioned females, with the whites of their eyes very conspicuous, and mouths stretched from ear to ear, assembled to see them off. These ‘American citizens of African descent’ , done up in soldier clothes, looked as ferocious as a flock of sheep, and abundantly capable of making violent attacks on large quantities of commissary stores”

After originally linking the article to Southern Nationalist News, I noticed it disappeared. Originally I thought that I didn’t save the article when publishing the link, but after it disappeared again, I knew someone didn’t want it published.

Not long afterword, I received the following message from Michael Cushman:

“Clint, I do appreciate your posting things on the site. I hope this will not offend you and that we will remain friends and that this will not deter you from commenting on my FB page and on SNN itself. However, I don’t think it’s working out well. I guess perhaps I have a certain way of doing things and a certain vision of the site. So, I do appreciate the time and effort. And again I hope that we remain on good terms – I don’t see there as being any reason we shouldn’t. We’re on the same side, we just have somewhat different visions of the site. Which is cool because we each have our own site. Anyhow, I wasn’t sure how to tell you this without upsetting or offending you. I hope I have managed to avoid that.”

To which I replied:

“Now I must tell you something and whether you are offended or not is up to you. You are not a news man, you are a propagandist, which in many ways makes you no better than the left. Example A: the piece about the black soldiers at Cairo. When I first didn’t see it on your site, I thought I messed up and re posted it, at which time it disappeared again. I thought back to our conversation when you told me Southern , Illinois was Southern. You’re dead wrong about that pard. You base your assumption on interviews with (name withheld) and the other fellow you’ve interviewed. Yes they are Southern, they are not the majority. This is something that I KNOW Michael. I am the one who lives across the river from Southern , Il. Don’t mistake their hatred of the black for being Southern. I don’t know what your vision for your site is besides propaganda, pure and simple. I’ve lost all respect for you”

Michael responded with an admission of sorts that he is a propagandist:

“Clint this is what I had hoped to avoid. It’s unfortunate. Truly is. There are few of us as it is. As I noted, we have different visions for the site. SNN openly says on the ‘About’ page that our mission is to promote the survival, well-being and independence of the Southern people. It’s not to report news or history. News and history are part of what we do, but the mission is to promote Southern nationalism. BTW, propaganda is not a dirty word. All ideologies, religions, traditions, etc. have propagandists. To propagate is to spread something. That is what I try to do. I try to spread my vision of Southern nationalism. If this causes others to lose respect for me, so be it. But it’s what I do.”

I couldn’t believe that Mr. Cushman actually admitted to me that propaganda is what he did. Imagine my surprise when he admitted it (proudly I might add) in a public interview with the Active South website. In the interview Cushman stated:

“I see myself as a advocate for Southern nationalism – for our people and our world-view. What I do is spread the Southern nationalist message (which is the survival, well-being and independence of the Southern people) as widely as I can. To this end, I operate SNN, produce videos, conduct interviews, do podcasts, distribute stickers and attend events which promote our message. On one level I am a cheerleader and peace-maker. I encourage advocacy and attempt to keep the various factions of our movement united in the struggle for our basic goals (the latter is not a fun role but someone has to do it). On another level I am a researcher. I read a lot about the origins of Southern civilisation (tracing the influences of this back half a millennium) and nineteenth century Southern nationalist leaders. And then on another level I am a propagandist.”

I admire Michael Cushman for his devotion to Southern heritage, culture and way of life but one thing that I do not and can not admire about Mr. Cushman is putting propaganda above truth.  I am a Southerner, a devoted Southerner, I believe we have a unique culture, way of life and beliefs.  That being said, I am a seeker of the truth and can not and will not bend the truth to promote my heritage in fact to do otherwise is a disservice to the cause of Southern heritage.- Editor

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I am just an average blue collar American who works hard and tries to be a good dad. I have a passion for history, music and freedom.

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