Of Heritage, Politics, Religion and Charlatans: The SPLC’s attack on heritage inspires terror


I have spent my fair share of time as an activist. That might seem like a bad word to some. In fact it might conjure up images of hippies, environmentalists and various left-leaning social engineers.  I was not THAT kind of activist. In fact my cause was one in which many had either never heard about or cared to hear about.  My comrades never wanted to “change the world” we just wanted “our world” to be left alone. You didn’t have to like us, just stop trying to take away that which was already there.

My cause was Southern Heritage, it still plays an important role in my life. It started when I was in fourth grade and found an old history book, complete with water color maps and battle scenes, at the Bell City school library. The ancient work was a history of America’s Civil War ( a.k.a. War Between the States, War of Northern Aggression). I was fascinated about the stories of Billy Yank and Johnny Reb slugging it out at places called Antietam, Gettysburg, Shiloh and Island #10 which just so happened to take place in Southeast Missouri where I was born, raised and still reside.

For some reason I was drawn to the cause of the Confederacy, though I did not know why. Years later as a college student I would ask my grandmother if she knew which side our family fought on, ” I recall the story of an uncle leaving to fight for the South in Kentucky” she told me. Perhaps, I thought to myself that is where the connection came from.  Not long after the death of my grandmother I asked a great aunt (who unofficially served as the family genealogist) if she had heard the story and if so , did she have any information about the uncle grandma had informed me about.

As it turned out she did. He enlisted in Woodward’s 2cd Kentucky Cavalry at the beginning of the war as a private. He ended the war as being part of the last escort for Jefferson Davis and was captured with him in Georgia.  I found other uncles in the ranks of the Confederate Army all of them from Kentucky except one ( he had migrated to Mississippi).

I felt I had finally found the connection that inspired me to side with the Confederacy, years ago when I first examined the old history book in elementary school. I moved on with life and my interest finally gave way to girls, music and country cruising with friends, which later gave way to marrying , having a family, settling down and trying to make a living…that is until Missouri Congressman Dick Gephardt decided to run for president.

It was at a 2003 campaign event in South Carolina that Dick proclaimed that the Confederate flag should not fly “Anytime, Anywhere”. Later when he was informed that the Confederate flag was flown at the Higginsville, Mo Confederate Cemetery and the Fort Davidson State Historical Site in Pilot Knob, he had his former employee turned governor Bob Holden remove them, my interest in the Confederacy had peaked again.

I was infuriated and wanted to join a group that was doing something about it, I later found a group that was doing something about it, The League of the South.

The League was politically-incorrect and didn’t care. Where other organizations tried diplomacy with the elected officials the League was issuing demands. My work with the League took me to the Arcadia Valley located in the St. Francious Mountains of Southeast Missouri and also the location of Ft. Davidson. The people there were just as angry.

We made connections in the area and passed out Confederate flags to anyone who would vow to fly the publicly, hell we’d even hang them and supply the pole if necessary. If Gephardt and Holden would not restore the two flags they tore down, we would hoist hundreds across the state, 25-30 of which were located in the Pilot Knob-Ironton-Arcadia area.  At one point you couldn’t drive through the area without seeing a Confederate flag every mile or two.

It was a good experience and we met so many people that shared their life experiences, veterans, antique dealers, business owners. It was a good way to educate the public and in turn to let the public educate us.

Two years later, in 2005 we were still hard at it and I had formed my own “League” chapter in Southeast Missouri, our first project ultimately became our last.

The grave site and monument to Confederate Colonel William Jeffers was located in Jackson, Missouri at the City Cemetery and we thought it would be a fitting tribute to erect a Missouri Battle Flag in his honor.

At first the Mayor was king on the idea, that is until the Southern Poverty Law Center got involved.

The SPLC is a non-for-profit “Civil Rights” organization that bills itself as “dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry, and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society. Using litigation, education and other forms of advocacy, we work toward the day when the ideals of equal justice and equal opportunity will be a reality. ”

They wrote a letter to the editor in the Southeast Missourian Newspaper trying to link me to a man in Florida that I didn’t know and had never met. But it was enough to convince the council and veterans groups “not to do business with us” and the flag never went up.

This isn’t an uncommon story for the SPLC this is one of their very refined tactics that they use to demonize those who dare stand up for Southern Heritage, the Constitution or traditional American values in general. When they demonize those on “the right” it is publicized and allows them to solicit more donations. In other words , when the flag didn’t go up in Jackson, they could claim another success story in the war on “hate”.

As The Weekly Standard reported in its April 15, 2013 issue “King of the Fear Mongers: Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center scaring donors since 1971”:

“Irony turns out to be what the SPLC is all about. Thanks to the generosity of four decades’ worth of donors, many of whom—as SPLC president Richard Cohen himself noted in a telephone interview with me—are aging Northern-state “1960s liberals” who continue to associate “Southern” and “poverty” with lynchings, white-hooded Klansmen, and sitting at the back of the bus, and thanks also to what can only be described as the sheer genius at direct-mail marketing of Dees, the SPLC’s 76-year-old lawyer-founder, who was already a multimillionaire by the late 1960s from the direct-mail sales of everything from doormats to cookbooks, the SPLC is probably the richest poverty organization in the history of the world. From its very beginning the SPLC, thanks to Dees’s talent for crafting multi-page alarmist fundraising letters, has not only continuously operated in the black, but has steadily accumulated a mountain of surpluses augmented by a shrewdly managed investment portfolio. Today the SPLC’s net assets total more than $256 million (that figure appears on the SPLC’s 2011 tax return, the latest posted on the organization’s website). That represented a more-than-doubling of the $120 million in net assets that the SPLC reported in 2000, which was itself more than a doubling of the $52 million in net assets that the SPLC reported during the mid-1990s.

So impressed was the Direct Marketing Association in 1998 with Dees’s superb fundraising talents that it inducted him into its Hall of Fame, where he shares honors with Benjamin Franklin, first postmaster general, and catalogue retailer L. L. Bean. The SPLC’s sprawling two-story concrete-and-glass headquarters in downtown Montgomery bore the nickname “Poverty Palace” among locals—until the mid-2000s, when the center, whose staff had grown to more than 200 (including 34 lawyers), moved into a fortress-like six-story office building that it had commissioned. The new SPLC building, a postmodernist parallelepiped faced in steel and black glass, has been variously described by its critics as a “small-scale Death Star” and a “highrise trailer.”

The SPLC turned the original Poverty Palace into a museum that complements another of its Montgomery monuments, the Civil Rights Memorial, where an imposing granite circle designed by Maya Lin, architect of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, records the names of such iconic martyrs to the civil rights cause as Medgar Evers and Martin Luther King Jr., neither of whom was ever a client of the SPLC. In 2010 the Montgomery Advertiser published a 60-photo online slideshow of Morris Dees’s lavishly appointed neo-Mediterranean home, whose eclectic architectural and interior-decor influences seemingly included the Alhambra, David Hockney’s swimming-pool paintings, the Etsy home page, and a 1970s shag-rug revival. In one slide Dees’s fourth wife, artist and weaver Susan Starr, modeled a floor-length evening coat that she had stitched out of transparent vinyl sheeting and fake fur.

This leads to yet another SPLC irony: Its severest critics aren’t on the conservative right (although the Federation for American Immigration Reform, another “hate group” on the SPLC’s list, has done its fair share of complaining), but on the progressive left. It may come as a surprise to learn that one of the most vituperative of all the critics was the recently deceased Alexander Cockburn, columnist for the Nation and the leftist webzine CounterPunch. In a 2009 article for CounterPunch titled “King of the Hate Business,” Cockburn castigated Dees and the SPLC for using the 2008 election of Barack Obama as America’s first black president as yet another wringer for squeezing out direct-mail donations from “trembling liberals” by painting an apocalyptic picture of “millions of [anti-Obama] extremists primed to march down Main Street draped in Klan robes, a copy of Mein Kampf tucked under one arm and a Bible under the other.” Cockburn continued: “Ever since 1971 U.S. Postal Service mailbags have bulged with Dees’ fundraising letters, scaring dollars out of the pockets of trembling liberals aghast at his lurid depictions of hate-sodden America, in dire need of legal confrontation by the SPLC.”

Attacking traditional American values was bad enough, but in August 2012 the SPLC crossed the line and became one of the groups it lists on its now infamous Hate Groups map.

In August, 2012 Floyd Lee Corkins II walked into the Family Research Council’s headquarters in Washington, DC and promptly shot a security guard. He was planning on shooting others because of the FRC’s stance on the issue of Gay marriage.

Just what was Corkins’ inspiration for the shooting and thwarted terrorist attack? The Southern Poverty Law Center.

On April 25, 2013 PRN Newswire reported:

“WASHINGTON, April 25, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Former presidential candidate Gary Bauer , citing the release this week of an FBI interrogation video, demanded that the Southern Poverty Law Center stop falsely labeling pro-family Christian ministries as “hate groups.”

Floyd Lee Corkins II plead guilty to shooting a security guard at the Family Research Council and to charges of domestic terrorism.  On a video released this week, Corkins admits to FBI agents that he targeted FRC after seeing it listed as an anti-gay hate group on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website.

Bauer, president of American Values, served as president of Family Research Council for more than 10 years.  He called the Southern Poverty Law Center’s decision to target faith-based ministries that support Biblical values “an offensive and dangerous act, now conclusively linked to domestic terrorism.”

“It is ironic that a group that claims the civil rights mantle is so aggressively targeting pro-family, Christian organizations.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. , was a minister,” Bauer observed.  “Dr. King argued for equality in society based on the biblical understanding of the value of all life.”

Bauer continued, “A domestic terrorist shot a security guard during his attempt to kill men and women at the Family Research Council because of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s offensive and defamatory mischaracterization of its work.  That is evidence of the dangerous level of hate created by the left’s growing intolerance for traditional values.  The SPLC’s credibility should also be on trial as its virtual ‘hit list’ has led to precisely the kind of intolerance and violence it is supposed to be against.”

The FBI video can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgjI3wavx-I&feature=player_embedded

This begs the question; Will the SPLC now include itself on its Hatewatch map? Don’t count on it.  There is, however; a lesson to be learned from all of these experiences. When you are willing to let one era of American history to be destroyed, because it has been maligned for lack of political correctness, don’t be surprised when yours is next and don’t be surprised when this attack on historical symbols and history spills over to your political beliefs or as happened recently , your religious beliefs. It is the domino affect, when piece falls, they all tumble over

I think about that political fight at Jackson, Missouri following the SPLC hit piece published in the local paper. I think about how so called veterans groups, the City Council and the Mayor sat there, perched on their loft so smug, smiling at me. I wonder if they felt as if they narrowly avoided a dangerous situation? Were they proud of themselves for protecting the public from Confederate Heritage, Colonel Jeffers and myself? Were they proud of themselves for siding with the SPLC? If so are they now priding themselves on siding with an organization that inspired a terrorist to attack one of America’s premier Pro-Christian, Pro-Family organizations?

I take no comfort in knowing that time has proven me right and the SPLC wrong and I never questioned my stand. I knew I was right, from the moment I chose sides while reading the old history book in the elementary school library. – Editor

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About aldermanlacy

I am just an average blue collar American who works hard and tries to be a good dad. I have a passion for history, music and freedom.

4 Responses to “Of Heritage, Politics, Religion and Charlatans: The SPLC’s attack on heritage inspires terror”

  1. Jimmy L. Shirley Jr. Reply April 30, 2013 at 12:57 am

    Very well written, comprehensive.
    Another nail in the coffin of that Southern-based premier hate-mongerer, morris dees. May he NOT, when the tyme comes, R.I.P.

  2. Ironically, (that word gets used a lot in connection with the SPLC…), NOT ONE of the SPLC’s top executives is a minority.

    Despite being located LITERALLY in the back yard of Dr. Martin Luther King’s own Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, the SPLC has NEVER hired a person of color to a highly paid position of authority in its entire 42 year history.


    Even the SPLC’s laughably named “Teaching Tolerance” program, which purports to promote diversity in the K-12 classroom, has been led by “whites only” for 21 of its 22 years and the only African American to run the show only did so for a few months until her white successor could be recruited.

    “Ironic,” ain’t it?

  3. An excellent analysis of the tactics and methods of America’s most profitable “non-profit.”

    A couple of other “ironic” points concerning the SPLC: The legend box on their lucrative “Hate Map” fundraising tool makes this astonishing claim:

    “Hate group activities can include criminal acts, marches, rallies, speeches, meetings, leafleting or publishing.” http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/hate-map

    Seriously, what kind of legitimate civil rights group deliberately conflates six of the most fundamental, constitutionally protected, First Amendment rights with “criminal acts” and “hate group activities”?

    Second, and perhaps most “ironic,” is the fact that NOT ONE of the SPLC’s top executives is a minority.

    In fact, despite being located LITERALLY in the back yard of Dr. Martin Luther King’s own Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, the SPLC has NEVER hired a person of color to a highly paid position of authority in its entire 42 year history.


    Every morning Morris Dees must look down on Dr. King’s church from his penthouse office and have himself a good laugh.


  1. SPLC hates Confederate flags apparently - Stormfront - July 27, 2013

    […] a battle flag ended up having lies made up about them in order to lose support to fly the flag. Of Heritage, Politics, Religion and Charlatans: The SPLC?s attack on heritage inspires terror | MARB… I swear if I was Fuhrer of this country I'd have all the Jews expelled. This Morris Dees guy […]

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