North Carolina pastor raided by Homeland Security / local Sheriff’s Dept.

UPDATE 05/04/13  10:24 AM

There have been many questions by readers asking about the validity of this story. I thought I would post this update.  I just got off the phone with the Forsyth County, NC Sheriff’s department and talked to a female deputy.  I told her I was a reporter with the Marble Hill Constitution-News and was wanting to know if she could confirm any information about the raid on Pastor Mannings home. The deputy responded with , “I’m not allowed to give out ANY information about that”.  When I asked if she could confirm or deny that the raid took place she responded with, “I’m not allowed to give out any information about that”.  This seemed rather evasive to me. Take it for what it’s worth- Editor.

I am in pain and moderate shock from what just happened which I am trying to write about. It is 4 am and I am still not calmed down enough to sleep! Tonight 6-10+ male Law enforcement Officers in heavy body armor broke into my home and did much destruction. I am injured, but do not know how bad

That is the beginning of a Facebook post that I received late Wednesday / early Thursday morning. The post came from Tim Manning a 62-year-old pastor who resides in Kernersville, NC.  Manning states that he was on the phone with his mother when:

They busted-in my front door of this $300,000+ home and busted-in a set of rear French doors. Then they set a diversionary explosive grenade in my entrance hallway. I had gone to the top of the stairs to see what was happening at my front door. They did not announce themselves. When the explosive went off I got flat on the second floor carpet seeing that there were too many people here to successfully resist. The noise was so close I thought I had been shot. I was only about 10 feet away from the device. It blew pictures off of my walls, broke glass inside of the house and blew my heating and air controls off of the wall in the hall and blew one of the batteries into the kitchen.

I am much overweight and they forced me to lie on my stomach on the floor for over 30 minutes. My physician has said to not rest on my stomach since it puts unnecessary pressure on my heart. I sleep on my back. I was then handcuffed and was not permitted to witness the search or use my cell phone. My knee and my back are now in much pain. I do not have the money for a trip to the ER and will phone my doctor tomorrow and find a chiropractor. My left and right knee’s are also injured and really hurting. My neck and shoulder are very sore due to being shoved into my carpet by a Deputy. I just took 8 IBP for pain. I am too tired and frustrated to go to the ER tonight. They also took some of my Virginia Heritage Foundation historical articles about the South that I use where I go to speak. They mentioned “Manning says bad things about the government.”

Two men were Police from Kernersville, NC and one with a vest that said Homeland Security Investigation. Some were in plain clothes and the rest in Forsyth County Sheriffs gear.

I asked “Am I under arrest?” They said no. I asked “Am I being detained?” They said “Yes, for the duration of the search.” For a while I had on two sets of handcuffs while I explained to them that I was a Pastor who trained pastors for many years and that I had counseled LEOs {law enforcement officers} for thousands of hours for nearly 30 years who were having family problems “for gratis” in the cities where I pastored and taught.

At the same time four Forsyth County Deputies  pinged my sons phone and were sent to Guilford County to arrest my son Chris on a misdemeanor charge, took three handguns out of his car and threatened to “bust-up” his car windows. He had just bought a 2010 Chevy Equinox of which he is very proud.  They took him to the new jail in Greensboro . . . remember that my son is a Fugitive Recovery Agent for the Department of Insurance of State of North Carolina and has national authority…

Just before this strike we had a phone call from a friendly and knowledgeable Forsyth County Sheriff saying that Christopher “was targeted for death!!!” And that he would never be safe in this State and that I had been saying things against the government. He said that we are being targeted for death. When the Forsyth Sheriff’s left the Guilford County Judge Magistrate, the Magistrate looked at Christopher and laughed and told him to get out of his jail and that he was refusing to lock him up. We are on friendly terms with judges in several counties where Christopher has made captures. After the search Christopher soon arrived here in Kernersville warning me that I would not be safe sleeping at home and he was making other sleep arrangements. He left Forsyth County for the night.

I discussed the Constitution of the USA with my captors who knew none of the Amendments and what they meant. They asked me to sign a paper which I refused. They ask me if I were injured. I told them that I was not feeling well but was not sure how injured I was. They said, “He is not injured,” and left after about 3 hours.

We have already made a number of phone calls and have three lawyers working on one phase of this and we are asking for Federal and State Protection from DHS and the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department. I expect to have several Federal Marshal’s protecting us by tomorrow morning.

They took Christopher’s badge from his room and had sworn to the judge signing the Federal Search Warrant that “Christopher does not work for the State of North Carolina.” Man are they in for a rude awakening. The Federal Search Warrant was obtained through giving false information to a Federal judge by the Deputy.

The only information from the media that I was able to obtain about this incident was a story published in the Winston-Salem Journal on May 2′d:

A Forsyth County bondsman was arrested Wednesday on a charge of impersonating a state insurance officer, authorities said Thursday.

Christopher David Manning, 24, of 160 Longbridge Drive in Kernersville, was charged with impersonating a law-enforcement officer, a misdemeanor, the N.C. Department of Insurance said in a statement.

Investigators with the Insurance Department accused Manning, a licensed bail bondsman, of attempting to enter the Forsyth County Hall of Justice on April 18 and conduct business while impersonating an insurance officer, the Insurance Department said. Authorities arrested Manning in Greensboro on Wednesday, the Insurance Department stated. Manning was released from custody on a written promise to appear court.

For the record, Christopher Manning is Tim Manning’s son and lives at his father’s residence in Kernersville, NC. I was able to contact Tim Manning and get a few questions answered:

MHC: Tim the only thing I could find in the news is your son’s arrest. I’m guessing that is why they raided your place? Is your son a bondsman or an insurance investigator?

Manning: My son is a Security Bondman AND a NC State Fugitive Recovery Agent who has voiced resistance to the coming Martial Law. There is much damage to the entrances to my home. I have no gun for self-defense and cannot secure the door to my home. The framing will all have to be placed and I do not have the money to do so. The Winston Journal ran an article yesterday that was full of false and misleading information. I live in a circle court and there were lot of sightseers yesterday.

MHC: Does your son live with you?

Manning: Yes

MHC: So that’s why they raided your home?

Manning: We are caught in an ongoing storm between local law enforcement and the FRAs (Fugitive Recovery Agents) ,licensed by the NC State Department of Insurance.

I  asked  Manning how he was feeling after being “roughed up” the night before and if there was anything he needed, to which he replied:

“It is my back, knees, neck and shoulders. . . . ouch. I am out of work and my wife’s federal office closes at the end of the month . . . we need either a money tree or jobs”

Tim Manning can be reached at:

Tim D. Manning

160 Longbridge Dr.

Kernersville, NC 27284

(336) 420-5355

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  1. There are some discrepancies to this … he says he immediately laid down on his stomach because he knew there were too many people to resist.. than he says they forced him to his stomach… he says he has a $300K house but can’t pay a medical bill.. his son has a new car and is proud of it and is carrying handguns… this story doesn’t add up.

    • He says he is about to lose the house. His son is a licensed recovery agent (bondsman). I have included Mr. Manning’s address and phone number in the post should you have any questions.

      • Audieleon Green May 4, 2013 at 12:34 pm

        I personally have been thur ,the same thing,believe me it happens everywhere,not just N.C.been there experienced this kind of treatment. WAKE UP AMERICANS!! TOO LATE SORRY.

      • He didn’t say he went on his stomach, he said he “got flat”. & what business is his financial situation to you or anybody?!

      • skippingdog57 May 5, 2013 at 7:58 pm

        A warrant provides law enforcement officers with the constitutional authorization to enter your house, whether you want them to or not. Pastor Manning refused entry to the officers serving a lawful warrant. Pursuant to the warrant, the officers then forced entry to search for and arrest his son. That’s exactly how the Constitution tells us such a thing should happen.

      • “Pursuant to the warrant, the officers then forced entry to search for and arrest his son. That’s exactly how the Constitution tells us such a thing should happen.”

        BY BLOWING UP HIS DOOR?? Good hell, they could have just kicked it in or got a battering ram. Plus they lied to the judge. Is that contained in The Constitution?

    • Constitutionist Reply May 4, 2013 at 4:59 am

      Abrett is talking Liberal language, apparently Abrett has a problem with Pastors and a problem on how much they make. In which case, it’s none of Abrett’s business.

      • I disagree!! I am far from a liberal and I thought a couple of the same things he did!! I don’t doubt it COULD happen and I don’t trust the govt anymore than many of us do anymore BUT this doesn’t read like an educated Pastor wrote it for starters and the same things that Abrett said.

      • Robert L Bell May 5, 2013 at 6:32 pm

        You are talking jibbering idiot languge, typical of a dumbass redneck conservative. Grow a brain, moron.

      • For the record, I’m very conservative. But I had the same questions as Abrett. Everything about this, on both sides, seems to need, uh, clarification.

    • Maybe Mr.Manning was on his back.
      Then The LEO’s forced him to his stomach.

      • Richard Smith May 5, 2013 at 7:13 am

        Mr. Manning did state that he is overweight and that his doctor advised him not to sleep on his stomach as it puts too much pressure on his heart. Therefore, it makes sense that he would have been on his back, and was forced to turn over onto his stomach. This is a very frightening story.

    • Re: Constitutionist reply to Abrett. I have learned the hard way to question everything. I am a gun-toting, right wing, Christian, conservative and Constitutionist, and, just because I also see the discrepancies, please do NOT call me a liberal. I also questioned the $300k house yet no money for ER or home repair as well as other parts of the story.

      • It shouldn’t be difficult for anyone these days to relate to his financial mystery. I also live in a 350K+ house. I lost my job in Aug ’12 and my fiancé lost her 15 year- old business which grossed nearly 1 M per year. We have no income but our obligations have not stopped. Other details will remain private – suffice it to say that we also would be hard pressed to incur medical bills or replace our front and rear entrances and other damage. Think! I would also challenge you or anyone else to have a flash bang go off in your face and experience the kind of confusion and terror he went through and remember every detail afterwards. Listen up! This is not a unique or isolated incident. Our current administration and especially the DHS and much of law enforcement no longer knows or cares about the Bill of Rights or the protections enumerated in the Constitution.

      • A 300,000 house is not that big a deal in this day. A few years back before the bubble burst I got approved for that amount. Glad I backed out or I would be foreclosed now. Laying on his stomach for a few minutes to keep from getting shot is not the same as being forced in that position for the amount of time they searched. Car loans are easy to get. Doesn’t necessarily mean wealth.

    • We fat people can live a short while on our stomachs, lack of breathing ability comes from doing this for minutes, and longer is a great shortness of breath, like drowning.

    • What kind of MORON are you? If a grenade goes off ten feet below you (Down the stairs) I bet you’d hit carpet fast too. A 300K house was probably donated as he is a pastor. His son works diligently at his job of fugitive recovery- Perhaps he can afford a new car And fugitive recovery can’t really be done with a baseball bat-Now can it. You’re post doesn’t add up~

    • He lied down on his stomach first. But then the police forced him to remain there on his stomach for another 30 minutes. If you pay attention, you can see that in the article.

    • @Abrett, not sure where you got his confession of laying on his stomach, I read “I got flat on the second floor carpet”, then he was instructed to lay on his stomach for 30 minutes by the thugs who raided his home. His home’s value has nothing to do with his current income situation either, and his son must be authorized to carry as an FRA? sounds like you’re grasping at straws?

    • Abrett, you sure seem to know a lot about this. Were you there as an observer. Did you read the circumstances of this guy’s post. He is upset, hurting, probably a bit scared and you say his story doesn’t add up. Save your critizism for after the facts are revealed (or covered up as seems likely).

    • Agreed, there is a lot about this character that does not add up.

    • newsflash… people with $300k homes have financial problems when they lose their jobs. just like anyone else.

    • He was on his stomach volentarilly when the officer handcuffed him applying presure to his back pushed his stomach into t he floor. He has a 300k house and is currently unemployed and his wife will be losing her jod at the end of the month. His son has guns in his care because his job is fugitive recovery fugitives are dangerous and armed.

    • Yeah, this story is total BS. My son and nephews were involved. Chris has a long history of impersonating law enforcement. Don’t ever, ever point a loaded gun to a 14 year old’s head. What is wrong with you people. Call me, you have our numbers since your son took pictures and info down making them think he was a law enforcement officer. A kid’s childhood should be fun, they were just playing in the woods, you freaks.

      • sir light foot May 6, 2013 at 4:40 am

        You need to not speak on a situation you know nothing of. Firstly you weren’t there, and you don’t if he recorded the situation. This man has a long standing history of recording his life and events to cover himself. Secondly, he has the email to this response, and can use it against you in a court of law. Your family was running around with guns , he’s rather lucky he wasn’t shot by other land management who were armed also on the land. I’ve known Chris many years, he is extremely diligent in his works. And law abiding to boot. His so called record, came from a vengeful mother , from which he married his wife. He had no record prior or after. He did have a man try to kill him later on, due to an old case. His charge was later dropped due to stand your ground laws.

        Children commonly blow things up. I can tell you now, he never pointed a gun. I have credible proof, he will bring to court. Also, he falls under the stand your ground laws. He would have actually been justified. Three adult sized people in black running thru the woods with guns . think about how bad that looks. They are lucky. Multiple land owners in the area have run kids off. THEY WERE IN A AREA THAT HAD NO TRESPASSING SIGNS AND PURPLE MARKS ON TREES . keep your kids out of there. Wait till another owner or manager finds them, they will be in jail next time. He could have called the police then. Be thankful he didn’t. Ungrateful human being you are. From what I have seen, he was polite and gentle speaking with them, and it was a calm situation. You need to do some research and NCGS statue research. Mr manning, has never once has a past of impersonation, or false representation of his position. Myself and him are both licensed the same, and he runs several fugitive teams, keeping you and your family safe when the police can’t and won’t look for these people . if I recall he caught the neighborhood break in thief who took property from many of you and your neighbors.

        Be thankful his eyes are open and working with local police to help keep you sleeping safe at night. With out him and his teams, the police never had chance to find em.

        God bless you Mr manning.

      • The Dad… could you call the Camel City Dispatch at 336/283-9755

      • steve williams May 6, 2013 at 5:15 pm

        Dad you just don’t know how the mannings are these people are nuts and dangerous . Becareful cause they will file false charges against you .

      • Wow, Sir Light Foot is full of shit, because I know ONE of his priors had nothing to do with a vengeful mother.

        Hit a friend of mine over the head repeatedly with a telescoping baton. Chris was being rough with his girlfriend, and when my friend, her roommate, tried to get him to leave he even pulled his badge!

        Apparently tried to break into the house later on, and even hit the guy over the head with his stupid riot gear shit.

        Later on he even tried to serve the charges he put on HIM, HIMSELF! Conflict of interest, much?

        This guy is a dangerous, manipulative man, and pathological liar with an enabling father, who manipulates the system to be ‘above the law’.


      • This is dad again. Your spouting off shows that people like you are what is hurting the 2nd amendment and shows why you should never carry a gun. If you call little air soft toys guns, then you are an idiot. The one that my nephew had that caused Chris to pull his pistol was totally clear plastic with a giant orange tip. The police also confirmed that neither one of you own that land, and are you going to pull guns on hunters that hunt there. My ex brother in law hunts on same land. He had a run in with Christopher. Christopher told him to shut down a party, said he was a Forsyth County Deputy. Christopher messed with the wrong people that night, ending up running. BTW LOOK UP YOU LAWS, YOUR THREAT ABOUT MY SON AND NEPHEWS COULD HAVE BEEN JUSTIFIABLY SHOT WOULD HAVE PUT YOU BOTH IN PRISON FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!! One last thing, got friends walking in those woods now, making sure kids are not assaulted and terrorized. Go pull your guns on them. They are not kids with toys.

      • You don’t know what happened dad cause you wasn’t there!! Those kids were on posted property with GUNS.. Dont you teach your kids to read signs and obey the law?Nobody pointed a gun at there heads. The Forsyth Co. officer enticed you to complain because she would not let this go after a complaint was made about her at FCO internal affairs from Chris Manning and His Father for harassment at their home.The truth will come out in court.The only thing Chris did wrong was not calling the police and have the juveniles arrested for trespassing on posted property.He was nice to them and asked them to leave and not to come back on that property because of the hazards that are out there snakes, deep sink holes, colapsing old farm buildings Hunters,Stray bullets from target practicing..You should have thanked Chris for possibly saving those boys lives..

      • Steve Williams May 11, 2013 at 12:56 am

        You must be just as crazy as the mannings so you think it is ok to impersonate a LEO . The dept of insurance had ever right go after chris. You break the law you suffer the legal issues that come with it. Chris is nothing but wannabe cop.

  2. Just because he owns a home worth $300. Doesn’t mean he has the cash to fork out to an E.R. The home may be paid off, while assets are not accessible. Is it true? It could be. In the event it is – it should be voiced. As a Christian common sense states with all the things going on persecution there of is more than probable,

  3. @Abrett He said he got flat on the carpet. He did not mention whether he went down on his back or stomach at that time. Then he said he was forced to lay on his stomach for 30 minutes. He didn’t buy his son a new car…his son bought it himself. He said his son is a Fugitive Recovery Agent. Sounds like a job where a gun is warranted. Learn to read the story in full before you make comments and show yourself to be a fool.

  4. There is also a difference when your arms are free to take the weight of your body, mostly with your hands and forearms. But with your hands cuffed behind your back, it is totally different and uncomfortable. It pulls your shoulders back and protrudes your frontal extremities with nothing to help reduce the pressure. This can create health problems in many ways. That’s why Professional Law Enforcement Officers usually sit the person up or at least get them to roll onto their sides. Just like in a recovery position when giving SPR.

  5. Just because someone has a expensive home doesn’t mean they bought it. Many people get inheritances in the south. In any case no one should be treated like is disgusting and appalling! My prayers go out to the family for the Lords help in this whole matter. It is a real shame what this country is coming to..I used to be proud to be called a American all I feel is sorrow and sadness for the state our country and govt have turned into. The bible tho gives me hope because all will be righted one day, and the wicked will pay for their wickedness.

  6. Very strange story….not sure what to believe at this point.

  7. And the LEO’s should have produced a search warrant.

  8. you know a picture is worth a thousand words. How about a picture of the damages to the guy’s house?

  9. I been preaching that oppression is coming for many years… if we had an honest news media you couldn’t get a globilist Democrap/Republidumb elected dog-catcher. They will start attacks one-by-one increasing their confidence and tactics until whole neighborhoods are put on unconstitution lock down submitting to unlawful search and seizures of all kinds. Firearms will be a focal point for seizure. It has just started in earnest. In the mid-term elections and then in 2016 Americans will have to decide whether they want a socialist/fascist ultra progressive nanny state running their lives or a Republic.

  10. There is no mention of what they were looking for. They have a search warrant, they are required to inform you what they are looking for before they start the search. Anything illegal that is not on the warrant, not in plain sight, cannot be taken, and you can’t be charged for having it. Like, of they are looking for a car, they can’t look in a dresser drawer.
    What’s not said,did they say why they were there?

    • You did note that the cops didn’t say to the media and Manning didn’t say either. We’ll found out eventually what they were looking for. Because the way they went into that home it doesn’t sound like they arresting some kid for fraud, but were thinking bombs.
      This guy has openly admitted on social networks that he has been under investigation by anti hate groups and is extremely paranoid of the government.

  11. Just because its on the internet doesn’t make it true. Research , cross reference etc. is smart lets see if this hits major news

    • Jacklyn Barton Reply May 4, 2013 at 3:46 pm

      Senator Nancy Shaefer and her husband Bruce were both shot dead and it did not make main stream news. This is persecution of a Christian family, nothing new as I myself was deemed quirky, eccentric, extreme, and offensive in a San Diego Family court due to my religion being Presbyterian and my husbands being Catholic so we were were refused custody of our granddaughter we had raised for seven years and put at the top of her class. Nancy Shaefer was fighting and exposing family court and CPS crimes and she mentioned religious hate crimes as one reason for taking children from families in family courts. There is war between the state and the church.

    • the major main stream news will never report on this!!

    • “lets see if this hits major news” You’re joking….right?

      The liberals OWN the media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i can’t believe the lack of thought put into these replies!! Manning stated he lay flat on the floor –not flat on his stomach. And that they forced him to lie on his stomach came sometime later. The original lib rebuttal made the opposing argument but no one bothered to check his statement.( and that is how the libs get there point aired and accepted by a few “ignorameouses”. As for as the financial conditions of people are concerned– there has been a lot of lives bled dry but the economy–especially by the housing made available thru “Fanny and Freddy” dictated by entitlement advocates such as BO himself (which you never hear anyone mentioning , because of course it was Bush’s fault) , To be proud of an “automobile” recently acquired is commendable which was the sons position as stated by Manning and if he worked as a recovery officer guns would necessarily be one of his tools of trade. I hasn’t researched more deeply than the same speculative point you all must have but I have reservations as to the “total” validity of the recap but understand it can also be completely true given the direction we are being pushed by this government! .

  13. It doesn’t matter how he was on the floor. What matters is how the local law under the guise of homeland insercuity was able to abuse the man & his family. Bounty Hunters (Security Bondman AND a NC State Fugitive Recovery Agent) are supposed to be covered under a federal law to be able to do the job.

  14. From what I’ve read, this isn’t the first time he’s claimed to be a law enforcement officer. He’s dad even claims he works for the state. Having a license to be a bail enforcement agent, issued by the state, doesn’t mean you actually work for the state. If that isn’t enough, the phrases, “martial law” and “targeted for death”, should be sending up bright red “BS” flags, all over the place.

    • I don’t think the fear of a possible martial law should be a red flag. What has it been? Two weeks? Since the City o Boston, Mass was under total martial law?

      • Oh come on. The City of Boston was *not* under martial law. There was a voluntary “shelter-in-place” order. There were perfectly legal hot pursuit searches of a couple of dozen homes in a neighborhood in the Town of Watertown near where Dzhokhar eluded police after a gunfight involving the throwing of bombs. Everything that happened on Friday, April 19th, was a legitimate public safety emergency, and no one’s rights were violated.

      • Nothing says “voluntary” like armed people coming to your house demanding that you evacuate with your arms up so they can search it.

  15. Aparently — This was a: Barricaded House ! Entry was Requested by Law Enforcement , & Denied by the occupant — this Minister. Negotiations went on for sometime as the suspect – The Preacher’s son claimed this residence as his also. Warrants for his Arrest were in hand. DHL regularly assists all Local Law Enf. Agencies in forced entrances w/warrants. * No Search Warrant is Required by Law for a Law Enf. Officer or Agency to serve & execute a Warrant For Arrest ! This is the other side of the story which was not reported ! This situation is no more different than any other Barricaded House arrests with efforts to serve a warrant – anywhere. DHL is a new “game player” ! No cause for any: ” Red Flags ” ! Remember– There are 2 sides to every story ! This is the other side. Only the High Sheriff of Forsyth County is authorized to release info. to the press or public regarding this situation in KVL.

  16. Forsyth County Sheriff’s dept. would not even acknowledge that they were even there and said “They were not allowed to release any information” about the raid. So if they were the only ones allowed to release information, why won’t they?

  17. This info was left on another thread. Does anyone have direct internet contact with Pastor Manning?

    The Pastor needs to open a ( account and ask for help funding repairs and medical and lawyer funds!

    He will get donations and if it gets on FB he will get a lot of money to help him out with problem. Someone needs to get him started with the sooner the better!

    That is very disturbing to hear but it could have been worse they could have killed him!

    He needs everyone’s Prayers right now, if he gets the account open it needs to be posted here to I will donate money to him for sure!

    I had to correct my post the site name is not what I had posted!

  18. I would question anything unless the “authorities” immediately denied everything or at least gave some explanation. When I hear that they “can’t speak about this or that,” I tend to think that SOMETHING went down. Was it as bad as reported? I don’t know but I DO know about attacks like this in drug raids where property was destroyed, pets injured or killed and people were injured and even killed only for the SWAT teams to discover that they went to the wrong address!

  19. Nothing knew w/ the State Enforcement, same here in California. Someone manipulated the Federal Judge to signed the Federal Search Warrant for what? In fact, that the father did not witnessed what they searched in the house (watch out those planted accusation so called evidence they searched for). Someone also misleading and submitted false accusations against the son. BUT, ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT BOTH STATE AND FEDERAL ARE ALWAYS KNOCK THE DOOR FIRST, THEN BREAK THE DOOR BUT THEY DO NOT PUT A GRENADE IN FRONT OF THE DOOR- that is uncalled for. THANK GOD THAT THERE WAS NO CHILDREN PRESENT OR SOMEONE BEHIND THE DOOR OR ELSE THEY WOULD BE DEAD! (1) This is excessive force entry to the house by using explosive (?); (2) Mass destruction of the house; (3) Organized hate crime developed by enforcement; (4) Injuries sustained; (5) Instead they protect the son being threatening because of his JOB, they’d filed accusation to the Federal Judge, WOW! Pastor’s son is a Fugitive Recovery Agent for the Department of Insurance of State of North Carolina and has national authority…i can understand the tensity of his job, receives threats, and have to protect himself and IT IS NOT EASY TO LIVE IN THE SAME HOME AS HIS FATHER. The issues here were the enforcement conducted themselves, INJURIES sustained and they have to pay the price.

  20. More persicution of Christians by the Obamanazi.

  21. DHS is a terrorist group – it’s really just that simple.

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    The Department Of Homeland Terrorism…strikes again.

  23. okay ladies and gents, FIRST HAND ACCOUNT From the man it happened to.

    firstly, THERE IS VIDEO. and many photos. i was charged with prohibited practices, and in the court house, i clearly showed everyone my ID, since i was coming in to arrest someone. i pissed off a security guard cause i read him our rights of arrest. they refused to allow me in the court house to do my job. and i video taped them ,in a public place. i know personally from not only video, but my counsel, says ” its far more than clear and never once said anything about being law enforcement, nor had anything on showing such” so everyone can deal with it. they knew i was in greesnboro and came to the house anyway.

    second, they served a search warrant on my home,over a misdemeanor? yeah right, my ass. the SW showed where they wanted computers, anti gov material, and my handcuffs for my job. came in claiming i had no position in NCDOI. , is the link showing i am very much active and currently working. IF I WERE BREAKING THE LAW< ID BE SUSPENDED OR REVOKED STATUS. so get over what i was supposedly doing. period. im sick of hearing the BS over what i did. i know im in the clear, and have no problem fighting it or proving anything.

    DHS- Dept of homeland Security aka – anal probing big brother, DID NOT take anything of real interest to what the warrants stated. they took a bunch of empty boxes, tomato plants, my fathers firearms, and my poor kitties towel she sleeps on. i mean really? they missed all kinda of shit. so what took em three hours to go thru my house and all they took was six small bigs of stuff? my friends arrived as they were doing such things and witnessed everything while i was being laughed out of the jail by the magistrate, who stated to the investigators "are you guys nuts? this is an officer of the courts" said to invst. pardue "mr manning, get out of my detention center, you have a written promise, go home and good luck partner"

    so why were the feds involved? why was the county scared of me video taping them? why did they serve a search warrant on my home knowing i wasnt there and my dad was? they did injure my father, and damaged our home beyond the capabilities of my income. but i promise you, they will fix it. and i will beat them. they used EXCESSIVE FORCE for a misd issue. that not even federal offenses here get. why was it so important to get in my house and take empty boxes and papers? clearly i was used as a scapegoat to get to my father. everyone we have asked , (not mentioning my dads historical writings) clearly point out they came for him and his works, barely dealing with me. please keep up to date on my story, we hope to make new federal and state laws thru this. we have a huge fight ahead and many unanswered questions, that we deserve to have answered

    -chris manning NC DOI Surety Agent / FRA

  24. These are your jack-booted Chicago thugs at work again. If you are tired of this kind of home invasions and personal injury to law-abiding citizens, you had better speak up and kick out this present administration who wants to do this all over the country. They are just looking for an excuse, and martial law will be imposed. Impeach Barack Obama now.

  25. I am pretty certain this story is totally false… shame on anyone for reporting this. Firstly… the guy has a really nice house but is valued at under 200k. Secondly, I am a pastor and no one I know has any idea who this guy is… no google search returns anything resembling clergy. He loves the south though.

    This guy’s son has a criminal record as well.

    Not saying all this didn’t happen. I am just saying don’t assume…. which you all are doing. Any sort of response to this trying to prove me wrong will be based with a “reason would tell you” or a “you just know the government hates..” or something like that. Bottom line is that none of us know the facts and we should endeavor for TRUTH.

    Once again… anyone that posts such a piece and claims it is news should be ashamed… fear mongering at its finest!

    • A “journalist” is one who is in the truth-telling business. At least, that is what is claimed. And I hope that no matter what direction this goes, the truth will hopefully be told.

      BTW, I’m former clergy. I would NOT suggest that “trust but verify” be forgone just because of the clergy thing. If nothing else, you owe it to the pastor.

  26. This man has claimed the title of Reverend for as long as I have had the misfortune of making his acquaintance. The Bible says that you are known by your fruits and the fruits I have witnessed of this man is not based in Christianity. He is a self-absorbed, pompous, arrogant cretin who excels in bloviating. I don’t know the son in question, but I do know he has a record. He was convicted in 2008 of Assault with a deadly weapon on an executive, legislative or court officer and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. It’s not hard to believe that he would impersonate an officer.

  27. They had ever right to proceed with a warrant heres a link the actual warrants These people are fakes Tim Manning just trying to get attention .

    • USA concerned citizen Reply May 11, 2013 at 1:39 am

      You would not feel the same way if they busted your door down and tore your house apart for a misdemeanor charge would you?Yyou people need to go to youtube and check out how gun control failed in Great Britain and Austrailia.’ WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! WE HAVE FOUND THE ENEMY ANY THE ENEMY IS US!! Thomas Jefferson.

  28. UFOHUNTERORGUK Reply May 6, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    Reblogged this on

  29. Your comment below this one that is trying to edit and downplay the pastors statements , first of all he is still in shock when he wrote this story , secondly when people are arrested , they are told to lie down on their stomach or knees and put their hands on their head , and as far as the comment of why he has a 300,000 $ dollar house and can’t afford er , the economy has gotten really bad the last few years as if you didn’t know , but would deny probably

  30. Abrett , the real question is why you are nitpicking & trying to edit and downplay the pastors statements to begin with , He says he is in shock when he told it , the very first words out of a cops mouth in any raid is lie down on the floor and put your hands on your head , and your statement of his 300,000 $ house and why he can’t afford er …well the private sector is not doing just fine ‘ the economy has really gotten rotten the last few years for a lot of people , you probably would deny that too , and his son with 3 guns in his truck comment …the second amendment must offend you as well obviously

  31. Also Abrett , the pastor councled law enforcement for years , He may have already knew to lie down on the floor and put his hands on his head to keep from being shot like most others do too , But you are the smarter sherlock and know more than anyone else

  32. Also Abrett , the pastor councled law enforcement for years , He may have already knew to lie down on the floor and put his hands on his head to keep from being shot in a raid like most others do too , But you are the smartest sherlock and know more than anyone else

  33. The government is offended by facts , especially the federal government

  34. Dirk Mcderk , even if that’s not a made up link of his sons criminal record , why are you posting that and what motivates you to post anything here trying to downplay the statements with intent of defending the ones who was responsibe for the unlawfull raid ? , you and others try to paint it as the pastor got on a week long bender on grandpas homemade cough medicine and fell down and got hurt and made the whole thing up , you guys are the ones that’s unrepectingly unbeilievable

  35. Dirk Mcjerk also claims he is a pastor defending the government that supports ssm and 9 month pregancy abortions and droning americans on usa soil from another pastor , if Dirk is a real pastor , then I’m batman

  36. Also dirk mcgurk , your comment about his house being only worth 200,000$ instead of may be true , seeing how how homes are worth 39% less since your messiah Hussien Obama was elected which would explain your vein research and attempt to discredit this victims story

    • I’m the one that busted darwins & einstiens theory of evolution & the big bang theory quite easily at that , I see nothing wrong with this story all and I do believe the USA is run by a unloyal unconstitutional dictoral federal government as well

    • The SPLC is not a credible organization. The terrorist who shot up the Family Research Council in Washington, DC listed the SPLC as his inspiration.

  37. UFO hunter , clever liberal stunt to discredit the pastors story , nice try and next time use the name “american folktales” or something

  38. Tim Hamberstan Reply May 6, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    I just looked on the Geo Data Tax Record for Forsyth County NC and the Tax Value on the house is only $237,800 and that includes $42,000 for the property leaving a actual value on the house of $195,800. I wonder what else is not being truthful???

  39. Special k , that’s kind of odd name for someone that claims to be right wing guntoting conservite like you claim you are , and aldermanlacy it was a gay lgbt shooter that shot that security guard in the conservitive building in Dc , why would a pastor that does not support your agendas of ssm be affiliated with the lgbt ? Your story doesn’t compute at all

  40. Ok aldermanlacy , Perhaps the boston marathon shooter will list selfnamed Barack Hussien Obama as his inspiration , both are foriegn with odd names , sure you wouldn’t like that at all

  41. Aldermanlacy , I misread your bottom statement , don’t know who the SPLC is and it seemed like you was trying to connect the victim here with the gay lgtb shooter in dc , oops lol , liberals are clever at ridiculing and downplaying facts as you know

  42. And Abbret , you are the one who doesn’t compute , the economy & jobs has gotten really rotten the last few years and most can’t afford to go to the emergency room inspite if they live in a nice house or not , and the victim even mentions he could use a job , and his sons job requires him to have guns it would seem and probably be able to afford a 2010 truck with a job like his anyone would think , and your comment about his guns had the hint as if you don’t like the second amendment as if guns was a bad thing and for ” special k ” to agree with you and not bring that up too like I did , he is a poser and probably special or gay

  43. sir light foot Reply May 7, 2013 at 4:02 am

    this made me laugh. i think its hilarious, how they claim he was convicted of assualt with a deadly weapon in greensboro, which just isnt true , go to the court house and check. bloody priceless. i was there the day they dropped anything on him, cause we arrested a man TOGETHER with four other agents in court sitting behind mr hogan, the man who attempted to kill him. and was charged with 6 misd charges from mr manning. people do your god damn homework. dont bash a man, before you know what truly happened.

    also, every thing he wore in the courthouse, is completely 100% legal in the state of NC. its a open carry state, and he can have as many handcuffs and holsters as he damn well pleases. he had all the rights and privileges there of any man who can arrest a defendant. In NC, bondsman and Fugitive recovery agents, have full access rights to court systems and documents without refusal. look it up. its in the NCGS website

    he was within every right he had. as for the kids, like i said, they were on private property with guns, and very clear no trespassing signs posted that are 8×11 large print and yellow, with purple markings under them on the trees. he had the right to make them leave. you cant do anything about that.

    now on the search warrant, witnesses arrived video taping the fact they took 6 large bags of things. and 9 guns, the receipt only lists one gun, and not enough to fill up 6 LARGE STYLE BAGS.

    what the hell were they looking for? and what did they really take? this family who went after the mannings, is full of garbage, and so are the deputies. mr manning, and the father of, i hope you beat them in court, and sue the hell out of them. both your criminal lawyer, and civil one you currently have, are the best in the state. go after NC DOI, FCSO, and the troxler family.

    mr manning, the FRA agent and Surety agent is still very much a active agent in the state of NC. and still continuing to do his job. he is probably the toughest man i know. if he can beat the general attny for the state of NC without a lawyer, just imagine what he is like with one. i promise you ,he will beat these people. he knows the laws as well as any lawyer. he spent a year fighting NC DOI for denial of his license, and WON. he beat the state. imagine how a county court will be for him. people like bail academy and the Tim Mathis, plus 3000 agents in Nc are on his side, seen the video, and will show up to court in his behalf . im thankful to have this man on my side. my opinion on this, and this to the mannings in general, you are going to kick ass and take names. 3000 strong behind you. plus an entire community of people. you have the respect of hundreds you have out on bond, and hundreds of co workers, in the court systems pulling for you. our office, will help however we can. your past office i hear is too greatly.

    • Steve Williams Reply May 7, 2013 at 5:30 am

      According to register of deeds the mannings do not own that land so he had no right point a gun at no kids. If you don’t the own land you have no right to tell them to leave. Also how do you explain the bage that was found that stated ncdoi . It all sounds like that all the FRA are bunch of wanna be US Marshalls . Mr. Hogan has no charges from Mr. Manning according to the NC Court system. The Mannings think they are above the law. Its ashame that the FBI don’t join raid.

      • sir light foot May 7, 2013 at 5:50 am

        Man you aren’t too bright are you? You want badges? Correct? Guess what, come take em from the 3000 of us who have em same ones and better looking ones. And continue to work using them. we do make arrests. And will continue to do so as well. Wanna be US Marshals? Really. Who do you think they come to for help? Mr manning never once claimed to own anything. Or where exactly the incidents claimed to have occurred. So you don’t know where they where. Or whether there was video. But I promise you there likely is. All you have is hearsay

        Instead of being ignorant, do your homework. Ignorance is not tolerable. You clearly don’t know any laws so its best to truly not speak. If you have problems, please use Google and type NCGS + whatever law you need to look up to be clear. Now as for you and these kids, its a bunch of hearsay. Wouldn’t stand up in court esp with video he would have and deer cams. Give up your vengeful vendetta about someone who you don’t know squat about . Remember if you ever go to jail, we agents won’t come get you or any of your family. We will leave you. We do control who gets out and have the choice to leave you in there.

        Honestly I request you cease and desist any more negativity towards this subject. And you haven’t checked the Nc court system.

      • USA concerned citizen May 11, 2013 at 1:53 am

        Why dont you go find the tallest building in winston-salem and jump off of it? You dont know the facts about anything. So mind your own business.Stop slingin mud at people when you have nothing but hearsay and naysay, God bless you cause you need help you retard.

      • Steve Williams May 11, 2013 at 6:25 am

        At least I’m not out pointing my guns in kids faces. Or running around pretending to be a state insurance agent. from what I have seen that Mannings is not very popular with people. The father needs to be investigated for talking about militia. Chris needs stop stalking the FCSO taking a picture of a officers car parked in front of bank. Big deal I hope they get him next on stalking charges.

      • sir light foot May 11, 2013 at 3:05 pm

        i hope the mannings charge you steve. you have rightly earned it at this point just from your threatening posts to them on here. why dont you go to, look him up. he is very much so one of their people. youre a idiot. and one day i hope you need bond and leaves your “mudlsinging butt” in there to rot. go read the state laws, and go do some real homework. once you find out what these guys really do for a living and you show up to court against them, on the 17th , you are going to face him and several hundred other agents just from winston. how are you going to feel in a room full of people who will know your face and support chris and his family?

        also, he is allowed to stalk anyone he damn well pleases. and photograph anyone. he can do it to you, as log as he is in the road. and there is not a thing he can do to you or you to him. there are no laws against filming law enforcement, so you can just go get over it and cry in a corner somewhere.

        if you dont believe anything anyone says about the laws, just go to

        i even idiot linked it so you dont have to even google it

  44. steve williams Reply May 7, 2013 at 5:48 am

    His son just needs to be a man and face the charges and not be a baby and his dad needs to get life instead writing all this neg stuff . There is report on the fcso website where you look up reports about him writing stuff about them Case #: 201303821 .

    • sir light foot Reply May 7, 2013 at 5:54 am

      Also, they have a right to bad mouth FCSO as much as anyone. 1st amendment. Deal with it. His son is more of man, than any one I know. Also, so you know, I’m forwarding this to him. He will see what kind of chip you and your family has on your shoulders. And will greatly help him in court.

      • steve williams May 7, 2013 at 10:48 am

        If the land was posted what was you and Mr manning doing there then you was both trespassing .

  45. Raekwon johnson Reply May 7, 2013 at 8:06 am

    This guy sir light foot must really like the mannings I been reading all these post he been taking up for him chris. But be honest I think chris is done as bail agent.

    • sir light foot Reply May 8, 2013 at 3:55 pm

      he is not. and very much still working. with no administrative hearing to be had as of today

  46. Steve Williams Reply May 7, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    The Manning s have been told not contact the FCSO. Heres the link to a picture of the letter . Its about time the Mannings get put in their place.

  47. I worked for the Sheriffs Office for 7 1/2 years and have dealings with the Mannings. Since there is an investigation going on, I will say this much. Chris had a 50B served on him several years ago and he was read the conditions of that order in which one of the was that he could not own, obtain or possess a firearm while the order was in effect. He called a month or two after this and while the order was in effect to report that his gun had been stolen from his car which he had left unlocked the night before. Before that report could be written, he called back and said that he had found his gun, it had slid under the seat and he wanted to cancel that report. The deputy went back out there because she knew that Chris would be in violation of the order if he indeed did have a firearm and when she arrived, asked to see the gun and he showed it to her in which he was arrested for having a firearm while under a protection order. So yes, he has run in’s with the Sheriffs Office. He’s a nut. I had to explain to him several times how he violated that order but he just wasn’t getting it. So for him to have more “jurisdiction than the deputies” that right there just goes to show you how much he really knows about the laws he claims to more of.

    • sir light foot Reply May 8, 2013 at 3:53 pm

      taylor v taintor

      state v mathis

      full federal jurisdiction .
      learn to read . if you were a deputy, youd know how we kick in doors for a living and travel all over the US to bring people back.

      and deputy, remember, those sheriffs involved were fired. maybe you should be too, for being involved in a 4th amendment violation of search and seisure without a warrant and no special circumstances.

      this deputy JOHN C, shows how under uneducated FCSO is right here.

  48. Look at the Camel City Dispatch article for the whole story if you want to see both sides.

    • Jack the Camel City Dispatch came to this story a day late and a dollar short. My only intentions were to let this family have there say and tell there side of the story. You have to ask yourself why the entire media network across the State of North Carolina was upstaged by a small online news publication from the Missouri Ozarks?

      The answer is I was the ONLY one who published the Manning family’s side of this story and when I did, and went it went viral, and believe me it did go viral, the CCD steps up and finally covers the issue, but not from an objective view point or motives to simply report, there’s was a mission to counter-act, to condemn and smear the Manning’s reputation.

      Case in point, the plastered pictures and videos of Pastor Manning surrounded by and speaking about Confederate issues. Why? Because they wanted to demonize them.

      The reason that only the Manning families viewpoint was published on this site is because the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department refused to answer any questions or even admit there was a raid on the Manning residence.

      If the CCD was offered in a print edition it would not be worth the use as a poor substitute for toilet paper in the most desperate of emergency porta-potty situations.

  49. sir light foot Reply May 8, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    wow im actually impressed that the family has threatend the life of MR Manning with Death. what are they gonna do if they see him? hhmm? shoot him? shame on this family. now he has reason and grounds to charge the family. honestly. death threats backed up by email? conspiracy to commit murder? jesus. you guys are toast

    • No Mr. Sir light foot. What a joke this intimidation attempt is. The sheriffs are already involved and know that bogus charges are a common retaliation but do not hold up in court. However, you saying that Christopher or other land management could have shot my child justifiably sounds like more of a death threat than anything. I did not threaten you or your friend. If my friends or myself see your friend Christopher the sheriffs will be called like I have been instructed to do so (by the sheriffs). Your MO is harassing families with law suites and threats to get the charges dropped. Any judge could see there was no threat. I was implying that I did not think Christopher would pull a gun as easily on a grown man in the woods as on a child and then interrogate them, get their information and take pictures of them. Then using that information to call their family claiming to be law enforcement. Sorry you twisted my words around, funny that you know there was no intent and sorry that this is the way Christopher and his friends work. Please stop terrorizing the public, then screaming victim.

      • sir light foot May 11, 2013 at 3:21 pm

        glad to know you are buddy buddy with all the locals then. just keep on em speed dial so you can harass em some more. maybe they will send you a no contact letter too for whining so much

      • Steve Williams May 11, 2013 at 3:31 pm

        Why are you taking up for someone that clearly broke the law by point a gun and stating that he was NCDOI law enforcement . Also he had a badge . So you are just as dumd as he is , and chris stalking the fcso by taking a picture of officers car at a bank . He needs now be charged with stalking.

      • sir light foot May 11, 2013 at 3:53 pm

        we will see how dumb he is when you meet him in court.

        as for the stalking charge, THERE ARE NO LAWS AGAINST IT. you cant charge him for following them. and you cant even prove that he took the photos. how do you i did not do it? hmm? i could have taken them and sent them to him. you really are ignorant if you think he can charged with stalking a public entity. its a laughable joke. there is no NCGS prohibitence to stop him. they are public figures, having photos taken of on duty agents of their office, in public places. he and anyone else has a right to do what ever they please as long as no physical harm or interference of an investigation occurs to an officer. the is privy to the right of ways of public access’s in the state of NC. he can even wear a gun doing so for self protection, as long as its not pointed at someone

        you sir, need a damn good lawyer i can tell you that. you are going to need to read up on pergury as well. you will be facing not just him in court, but several hundred Surety Agents and Fugitive Recovery Agents. all wearing badges an same ID’s as him. what are you going to do then? charge all them too for this nonsense?

        i take up for him ,cause he knows the laws, and does his job incredibly well. and has taken six of FCSO most wanted off the streets keeping you safe. doesnt include the countless B&E criminals from your very own neighborhood he was called upon to help catch, keeping your families goods and life safe when sheriffs in your county could not find them.

        that sir is why. period.

      • Steve Williams May 11, 2013 at 4:37 pm

        Even the President of the baill bond association says you can’t go around flashing a badge

      • You have no clue about these accusations. Yes most parents deny that their kids don’t lie or do anything wrong. If you believe it than you are in total denial. The facts are you Mr. Troxler were not there to witness what actually happened that day. I feel that you are making a mountain out of molehill. I do know what happened that day and the truth of the matter is those kids were very polite and were calm and well mannered. They were asked to leave the property because of the many hazards that exist out there.Just the other day, two children died when they were buried in a pit when the dirt caved in on them in n.c. so Chris was concerned about those boys safety and certainly was in no way to harm those boys.And did not point a gun at anyones head for Gods sake. So let it go man. Take the kids to Disney world or carowinds instead of making them story for you and miss school to be in court.

    • Why does Sir light foot anwsers for Chris why don’t Chris do it for himself instead he hides behind mommy and daddy . Time smell the coffee daddy not getting out of this one.

    • Where is all this video that chris said he was going post ? Oh theres must not be any . He must be lying again thats normal for the Manning family . To make up lies and false charges.

  50. Its about time the Mannings get theirs. They have been tormenting people and their neighbors for years. Pastor, what a joke. Show some authenic credentials instead of begging for money based on lies about being a man of God. Chris has had multiple restraining orders by multiple girls against him with two current according to court records. Sounds like a big bully to me. Not enough man, has to have a badge and gun to feel big.

    • grow some and go in the court house and look up for yourself, there is nothing on him. or are you scared you will see him there ? i assume you know him in some manor…. go, go on and find out for yourself. go down to UG clerk of criminal court in greensboro, and have them look anything up. they will do it for free.

      before you go off slandering someone, why dont you go to the courthouse in greensboro, and look at court records. i bet you will be extremely disappointed. cause when he shows up to court, and throws it in your faces, your going to feel about as big as ant ant. esp when you see that he has had a clean life style, and has a responsible job, far above what any of you have ever had, and does it without fail. he is still out arresting people on a regular basis.

      you took someones means of protecting themselves thru a search warrant no?
      this man still does his job unarmed and alone in the field arresting people who are armed and want to kill someone, and are scared to go back to jail.
      and you think your intentions will scare this man? honestly? and try to fight him in court? over a hearsay issue with your idiot kids who running around with guns in woods trespassing in the first degree?

      good luck

      • No Lightfoot, I have never been his victim. Thank God.
        Just how far are you up his a** and how “close” are you that you continues to take up for a criminal who will gladly take you down with him by what everyone can read. The more you write the more stupid you get. You need to check your “facts”. You go to the clerk of court and check. Scared to really see? How thick are your glasses or is it a blindfold? And if these kids were trespassing, what were you and Chris doing on private land with guns, Not trespassing I’m sure. I’m sure the owner of the land gave you written permission to hunt children in open season, right? Sounds like you need to “grow some” or possibly two.
        Justice will fight him in court and he WILL lose and go to jail where he belongs. You are just giving the law more that they can use, keep it up Little Lightfoot!! We all get a great laugh reading how stupid you are.

  51. This guy lives 150′ from me. I heard no explosions, no shouting, nothing. First of all his son has a raggedy junked up car… It was new 20 years ago, but that’s irrelevant. His son pulled a gun and held at gun point a group of 10-15 year olds on private property who were playing airsoft. He claimed the property was militia training grounds. He the. Proceeded to take names, addresses, phone numbers, parent names, etc from each kid. He has since been harassing those folks with threatening phone calls all hours of the night. This kid has a wrap sheet a mile long for impersonating an officer and on down the line. He and his family are dangerous nut jobs. Plenty of you can read this and never hear the full story. I’ve personally had a run in with this guy and he is fairly disturbed. This is the type of mental case that everyone wonders how he had guns AFTER he loses his mind and does something stupid. He’s out on bail after being arrested a second time for impersonating a federal officer and communicating threats to a police officer. This is not a over reach of government or DHS flexing its muscle. This is a bad guy being dealt with as such

    • USA concerned citizen Reply May 11, 2013 at 2:24 am

      You must be a hermit, But thats ok you can sling mud all day,You will see what happens when someone takes a bogus charge out on you one day, you will feel how humiliating it feels to be put in handcuffs and arrested and put in jail.May god bless you cause you need it.

    • CB – i doubt you even know you are speaking of. or even where this guy lives, sounds like you live in a distorted world. if you live 150 ft from him, youd know he doesnt own old cars that are 20 years old, and you clearly have not read anything on the legal papers posted. “go home, your drunk.” as it were.

      has anyone actually seen a wrap sheet? honestly? you wouldnt know what one looked like, if it slapped you in the face. where are you getting all your information? sounds like you are making it all up.

      we however do know what a real “wrap sheet looks” like. and no history of such nonsense.

      cry yourself a river, build a bridge and jump off it. its ignorant people we dont need. ignorance is why our country is failing.

  52. and if anyone else askes why i stick up for MR Manning and his son

    i work with him (chris), and know him very well including the family. when they speak up, and come to court to handle this, i pray for those on the other end of the wrath that will be told. because he has NCGS on his side with multiple witness’s some 20 plus, not including agents who work the exact same job as he does. i have the exact same job as he does well. and know the exact same laws.

    i believe it is better for those involved to silence themselves , due to you are only adding ammunition to his case, for him, not for you.

    had he truly undoubtedly broken the law, his license would be revoked and suspended till the end of time. period.

  53. I am not even from North Carolina (other than the fact I will be there on the AT soon), so I do not know these people. However, the sheep here that automatically believe the “official story” all of the time are laughable. Someone even wanted him investigated for militia? SO WHAT? This is America and we have freedoms that were granted by our constitution, including a militia. I guess you guys never think that the main stream media will lie to you, huh? I guess you think that law enforcement will never lie to you huh? If you think either of those two things, you truly are sheep and idiots. I am an atheist and could care less about the religious aspect here, but as a man that loves liberty, I WISH YOU MANNINGS THE BEST! BTW: Down here in Florida, air soft is big and I also know plenty of kids that pop the orange off the end and they look real.


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