Missouri 8th District candidate calls for Elimination of Department of Education

Contact: Skyler Miller, Campaign Manager — Committee to Elect Bill Slantz

Tel: 573-263-5109

E-mail: SkylerMiller@billslantz.com



It is an idea that has been kicked around since 1979, the year that the federal Department of Education was founded: eliminate it. Bill Slantz, Libertarian for US Representative (MO-8), believes that it is an idea that is long overdue.

Constitutionally speaking, there is no authorization for the federal government to dictate education policy. Eliminating the DOE will go a long way to achieving the Libertarian Party’s vision of less government, and more freedom. The decisions that affect our children are best handled by the parents, teachers, local school boards, and communities where our schools are located; not by the army of lawyers, bureaucrats, politicians, and lobbyists in Washington DC.

From a fiscal point of view, the taxpayers cannot afford to fund this completely unnecessary department. The federal Dept. of Education’s budget has more than doubled since the inception of the No Child Left Behind program in 2002 to over $68 billion annually today. This is an important chance to harvest some the proverbial “low hanging fruit” that is a recurring feature of the multi trillion dollar federal budget.

While the financial losses associated with the unfunded mandates of NCLB can be quantified, the negative consequences of this moral hazard on our children cannot be measured. An entire generation that grew up with standardized testing, and the “one size fits all” mantra of the federal DOE is coming of age, and finding itself ill prepared to enter the workforce of an increasingly technological and modern industrialized world. NCLB was supported by both Democrats and Republicans, and has been a total disaster by all accounts. Now the bureaucrats in Washington want to double down by forcing our children into another social experiment: Common Core Curriculum. If the success criteria of Common Core will be based on NCLB, another generation of American students is guaranteed to be left behind to a future of diminishing opportunity, while the rest of the world advances.

The Libertarian Party is not content to complain, point fingers, and prop up bogeymen. Unlike the duopoly parties, Libertarians like Bill Slantz are proposing bold, viable solutions to our problems. Mr. Slantz says…

“In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, it has never been more important to educate our citizens. Unfortunately, even as education spending has soared, our education results continue to disappoint and lag behind those of other countries. To reverse this dangerous trend, we need to liberate our educators from the entrenched governmental bureaucracy that has held back progress for far too long. It is time to defund and dissolve the federal Department of Education.”

To learn more about Bill Slantz, Libertarian for US Representative (MO-8), visit his website at www.billslantz.com .


Bill Slantz contact information:

1620 Congress Way

St Charles, MO 63303

United States

Ph: 636-922-1600

Email: BillSlantz@BillSlantz.com

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