North Carolina pastor says his home was raided because of Southern Nationalist political beliefs

Editor’s note: The following article is part of our continuing coverage of a raid that took place on a North Carolina pastor’s home which occurred on Wednesday May 1, 2013. Many people have commented on the story with support for Mr. Manning, while others have criticized this news site for not “verifying” the story more completely. On Saturday May 4, 2013  I contacted the Forsyth County , NC Sheriff’s Dept. and identified myself as a reporter with the Marble Hill Constitution-News. I asked the deputy who answered the phone if she could give me any information about a raid that took place in Kernersville, NC on Wednesday night, to which she replied, “I am not allowed to give out any information on that”. When I asked if she could confirm or deny that the raid had taken place she stated, “I am not allowed to give out any information about that”.  This news outlet has tried to verify facts with the Sheriff’s department to no avail. Therefore the only individuals talking about it are members of the Manning family. – Editor

The following is an account by Pastor Tim Manning on what HE believes to be the real reason his home was raided on May 1, 2013:

I have been communicating with my favorite insightful friends for the last three days. This assault against my home was not about my son Christopher who is a North Carolina Fugitive Recovery Agent (FRA)licensed by the NC State Department of Insurance contrary to the news reports by journalists who do not consider facts relevant to their stories. Notice that I did not refer to their stories as “news reports.” It was about history, historical analysis and my essays. I had been advised about a year ago that this was going to happen, but my advisers thought we were still six months to a year away from the first physical strike against a Southern Nationalist.

I did not consider my writings influential enough to be considered as apolitical “target” even for this government. Southerners have less public respected than do “other” Americans and they are easier to it and destroy than the current newly formed massive militias that have been organized during this current president’s administration. Assaulting a Southern Nationalist would get less notice and be cheaper than hitting a militia. Challenging one of the new massive and well-armed militias would likely result in a real and bloody civil war., and it would force Americans to reconsider the nature of the American government that no longer resembles the republic formed by our Founders except in name.

My neighbors said there were more law enforcement officers here than I had thought and that they were here over 3 hours. I live on Longbridge Court (circle) in Kernersville, which they said was full of LE (law enforcement) vehicles and LEOs decked out in full military body armor. My head was mashed into my carpet and my body pinned to the floor for 30minutes plus. I was so confined that I could not get any idea about how many people was part of this assault. My neighbors were impressed.

They took samples of my printed Southern Agrarian essays stored downstairs. These essays are not subversive and were not about my son Christopher in any way. Bringing the two” made-up” misdemeanor charges against Christopher served only as a rather feeble cover for an excuse to get to me. This was about my Southern Nationalist and Dissident American views of freedom and liberty which are exactly as understood by our American Founders and expressed in the Constitution of the United States.

Forsyth County Sheriff Bill Schatzman went into “sheriffing” from his career in the FBI and campaigned for the office of Forsyth Sheriff on his lifetime work in the FBI as the chief qualifying factor for the position.. Their allegiance stays with the agency. Schatzmanknows the FRA{Fugitive Recovery Agent} NC State program pretended to understand and supportive of Christopher in his complaint against Deputy Greta Vaughan and about the powers the FRAs had to have approved this assault on me and my home or it would not have happened.

The assault on me was intended to be a shot across the bow of Southern Dissident-Secessionist “thought” leaders. Russian, Chinese and Cuban history teach us that destroying, usually killing, the “thought” leaders of a country at the beginning of a Communist Revolution is a common practice of all totalitarian communist states. Communist nations generally lose their finest thinkers and theirimmediate family members very early in a communist revolution.

I cannot name the inside source for this information without my source losing his professional position, but this information came through two intelligence officers within the FBI and the Federal Marshals. Other Southern leaders will most certainly enjoy the hospitality as Ihave of the DHS if they fail to tone down their rhetoric. This is certain to happen. It is just a matter of when.

The assault on me was the very first program carried out against a Southern Nationalist/Secessionist. They thought I would shoot-it-out with them, but of course, I did not.

They even brought a medical person who could pronounce me dead. I am still in shock at hearing what I have heard in the past three days.

We are bringing three major law suits against Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, one in Christopher’s behalf, one for the damages to my home, and a third for their personal assault on me for pain and suffering.

Our attorney is so certain of the outcome that right now they are working and will be paid upon settlement from the settlement money. American Dissidents are never mentioned by the media and few will know about the crackdown on American Dissidents and that it has come a little sooner than most of us anticipated.

My sources say that our words are more powerful than our guns and thatthe government will not continue to tolerate us, because of the threat of our sound reasoning and appeal to American Nationalists in the western, northern and Southern States. I have not done an exact count, but it appears that those who follow my essays are 60%-70%northern nationalists. There is much more that I would like to write when I can.

I was unwilling to believe that my views had much influence (and I still do not believe that they do) for months, because I did not think my influence was as extensive as I am being told that it is. Others in our Southern and Nationalistic-Secessionist movements can expect such “stunning” friendly visits. They should back-up their writings on their computers at other locations and not try to fight-it-out when they suffer a government sponsored home-invasion. I hit the floor as soon as the stun(flash) grenade exploded. Then a DHS officer with exceptionally focused communication skills sat with me and asked questions but was not pushy.

I will try to write more and add daily to this piece when there is time. I keep thinking that Homeland Security Agents and the FBI will find my printed material much less dangerous than they have been led to believe. My writings are only theology, history and analysis.

God Bless you and be sure you have a sound reasonable plan should you get uninvited guest in your home.

I appreciate and value your prayers.

Tim Sr.


Tim Manning can be contacted at:

Tim D. Manning

160 Longbridge Dr.

Kernersville, NC 27284

(336) 420-5355




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