Christopher Manning Speaks: I have videos and photographs

Editor’s note: This is the third installment covering the raid on Tim Manning’s home on Wednesday, May 1’st 2013.  Manning’s son Christopher told his version of the events surrounding his arrest and subsequent raid, which they say , was conducted by elements of the Forsyth County, North Carolina Sheriff’s Department and Homeland Security, on his father’s home. The following was posted on his father’s ( Tim Manning) Facebook page on May 5, 2013- Editor

Okay ladies and gents “FIRST HAND ACCOUNT from the man it happened to.”

Firstly, THERE ARE VIDEOS and many photos of portions of these events. I was charged with “prohibited practices.” In the court house, I clearly showed everyone my ID, since I was coming into the Forsyth County Court House to arrest a wanted criminal. I pissed off a security guard because I read (quoted) to him our rights of arrest as established by the Supreme Court decisions of “Taylor vs Taintor” and “NC State vs Mathis.” They refused to allow me enter the Forsyth County Court House to do my job, and I video taped them, in a public place. I know personally from not only video, but my professional and legal counsel say “its far more than clear and never once have said anything about being law enforcement, nor had anything on showing such” so everyone can deal with it. They knew well before the raid on my home that I was in Greensboro and came to my Mom and Dad house anyway.

Secondly, they served a Search Warrant on my home, over a misdemeanor!? Yeah right, my ass. The Search Warrant showed that they wanted computers, e-storage devices, anti-gov material, my badge, my handcuffs and all equipment I use for my job. In full body armour they stormed in claiming that your son Christopher Manning had no position in the NCDOI (North Carolina Division of Insurance)., is the link showing i am very much active and currently working. It should be as illegal for a government civil employee or agent or law enforcement officer to lie to a CITIZEN as it is illegal for a citizen to lie to a law enforcement agent or to lie in court before a judge. IF I WERE BREAKING THE LAW, I’D BE SUSPENDED OR GIVEN A “REVOKED STATUS.” So get over what I was supposedly doing period. I’m sick of hearing the BS over what I did and what they are alleging I did. I know I’m in the clear, did nothing illegal or immoral and have no problem fighting their false accusation or proving anything I need to prove about my actions.

The DHS (Department of Homeland Security aka – Anal Probing Big Brother) DID NOT take anything of real interest to what the arrest warrants state. They took a bunch of empty boxes, tomato/flower plants in small seeding starting moss pots that my father planted for our front flower beds), my “fathers” firearms (NOT mine), and my poor kitties (“Mosbys”) towel where she sleeps and sits on the desk writing board by my Dads computer. I mean “really”? They missed all kinda of shit that you would have they would have taken if these two misdemeanor charges made against me were actually about me and anything I have actually done.

So what took’em three hours to go thru my house and taking and removing only six small bags of largely my Dad’s stuff? My friends arrived as they were doing these things and witnessed everything while I was being laughed-out of the jail (laughed at not in derision or scorn, but in a sympathetic and compassionate manner) by the Guilford County Judge Magistrate (Forsyth Sheriffs crossed the Forsyth County line to arrest me in Guilford County) who stated/asked to the Forsyth County Investigators “Are you guys nuts? Christopher is an officer of the courts” looking at Forsyth County Investigator Pardue. Then the Guilford County Judge Magistrate pleasantly and supportively said to me “Mr. Manning, get out of my Detention Center, you have signed a written promise, go home and good luck partner!”

So why were/are the feds involved? Why was the Forsyth County scared of me video taping their Agents? Why did they serve a No-Knock Search Warrant on my home knowing that I was not there and my Dad was? They did injure my father, and damaged our home beyond the capabilities of my income, but i promise you, they will fix it, and I will beat them.

They used EXCESSIVE FORCE for claiming that it was prompted by two misdemeanor (made-up and false) charges against me and then using the raid to torture by father who still has no charges against him and this is four days AFTER the raid. There are NO federal offenses here yet. Why was it so important to get into my house and take empty boxes and and Dads Southern Historical Societies papers and gain copies of his religious, cultural and historical writings? Clearly i was used as a scapegoat to get to my father. Everyone we have asked , (not mentioning my dads historical writings as the issue) clearly point-out that it is obvious that they came for him and his works, barely dealing with me and only using me as a “cover.”

Please keep up to date on my story. We hope to make new federal and state laws thru this. We have a huge fight ahead and many unanswered questions, that we deserve to have answered.

Thank you for reading my note.

Christopher (Chris) D. Manning
NC Dept of Insurance Surety Agent and NC Fugitive Recovery Agent

About aldermanlacy

I am just an average blue collar American who works hard and tries to be a good dad. I have a passion for history, music and freedom.

17 Responses to “Christopher Manning Speaks: I have videos and photographs”

  1. I’m curious how your friends got in the house to witness everything. With all the law enforcement overkill there I wouldn’t think they would let your friends or anyone else near the place.

    • Laura, Mr. Manning did not say his neighbors were in the house, rather they counted the number of officers outside the house.

  2. Raekwon johnson Reply May 8, 2013 at 5:10 am

    The mannings think they are above the law . And anti-government .

  3. Raekwon johnson Reply May 8, 2013 at 5:16 am

    These people are harassing FCSO look at the letter that was sent to them and tim continues to bash them.

    • Raekwon, In a later installment of this story, Tim Manning posts this letter and denies emailing FCSO and points out errors in the letter.

  4. Since this is the first time the majority of people have ever heard about you “Pastor” daddy, I doubt he’s on anyone’s radar for his writings. Did he use crayons or invisible ink to write these historical documents? He’s using religion as a smoke screen to cover up his racism and anger. He wants to stir up some controversy to generate interest in his “cause”. So deflect the attention away from you for pulling a gun on some kid and make it about the Fed’s taking guns away from citizens. I have a shit load of guns and nobody’s knocked on my door asking for them….because I’m not mental deficient egomaniac. My manliness is not related to the pistol in my holster.

    You are why people want gun laws. I believe you need a mental evaluation before you kill someone because you’re pissed off. You’re young, arrogant and an idiot. You feel empowered by walking around with a pistol and a badge. You speak of law enforcers as being the aggressor to you, but what about your actions against others? You must have failed the police or sheriff exam and the military didn’t want you. Running around in the woods playing army like a 12 year old is more your style.

    Sit down with your father and read the bible about taking responsibility for your actions, forgiveness, love, and honesty.

  5. interesting….this board reviews all comments before posting..

    • @Fred THE RED
      “Sit down with your father and read the bible about taking responsibility for your actions, forgiveness, love, and honesty.” ????
      Since when does a Edomite/Caanite have the discernment to understand the Bible, let alone invoke the concept of ii’s true teachings. Donuts to Dollars you are a jew worshipper.

      • Fred (but I'm not red...kinda of pale) May 10, 2013 at 1:25 am

        Hello Joe….what do ya know?

        I’ve got a minor in Biblical studies and was born and raised a southern baptist.

        What is a “Jew Worshiper” Joe?

        Jesus spoke of loving thy neighbor and He wasn’t talking about those who are only across the street from you. He loves me, you and even Jews. The druggies, whores, adulterers and murderers are not exempt from His love. It’s always present even if they ignore it. Our presence on this little ball of dirt we call earth is not to promote our own agenda….it’s to promote Jesus and the love He has for us all.

        I’ve never met you Joe. Seriously doubt we could agree on anything. But I love you as my brother in Christ.

      • Fred (but I'm not red...kinda of pale) May 10, 2013 at 1:26 am

        Forgot to add that I love doughnuts more than dollars.

      • Fred (but I'm not red...kinda of pale) May 10, 2013 at 3:39 am

        Wow Joe….I just found out what you know. Racism. I followed the link in your profile and came face to monitor with a perversion of Christ’s teachings.
        I do hope and pray that your racist beliefs have not turned into violence towards others.
        May the love of Christ embrace you.

      • Joe-I’m a Christian. I have 2 friends and a brother in-law who are Jewish, and I love them. I don’t worship them. I only worship the Lord.

  6. Look at the article the Camel City Dispatch did on the Mannings for the whole story

    • Do you believe everything you read or hear from the media? That artcle was full grammatical errors and opinions of the Mannings’ character. News should be just facts, not personal attacks.

  7. @Fred “Jesus spoke of loving thy neighbor” – oh really then John 8 all about ??????
    define your neighbor, and who are the beast of the field??????
    Why was Esau hated in the womb ???
    You Christ Zino’s are the reason our people turn away from YHWH.

  8. Christopher Manning-I’m trying really hard to find all the information that I can, to verify that what happened to you and your father is true. on the first installment of this story there are many comments from people who know you and your father. Several are from people defending your good character, and a few who don’t. I believe that our government is enlisting law enforcement to conduct themselves outside of the laws of The Constitution. I clicked on the link and was hoping to have my answer, but the link doesn’t go anywhere. Can you correct it? Was it intentionally disabled by another source? It’s been so long since we have heard anything about your situation. If you are following these posts, please respond.


  1. Pastor Raided In K’ville Says The Reason Was His Southern Nationalist Writing | NC Links - May 7, 2013

    […] the warrant was to pick up Mr. Manning’s son, Christopher, a Fugitive Recovery Agent on an assault charge.  The Marble Hill Constitution picked up the story and a debate ensued in  the comments. […]

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