Race, Rainbow Confederates, and Southern Nationalism

The following article was recently posted on the Southern Activist blog. The subject is of race and Southern heritage.  There are two extremes when it comes to Southern heritage, preservation and activism. The first comes from the left who label ANYONE who view those who honor Confederate heritage, ideals and culture as “racist”. The second comes from those who believe that honoring Southern heritage , ideals and culture is a White only affair, anyone who disagrees with this faction is labeled a “Rainbow Confederate”.  I have been called both and my honest opinion is that I don’t care what either faction calls me. I believe that Southern heritage, ideals and culture can and should be preserved, I also believe that while the majority of Confederate soldiers were white, it was not exclusive.  A large number of Jews settled in Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina. It has been documented that free blacks and black slaves did serve in the Confederate army officially and unofficially. It is a fact that many of northern proclivities truly believe that the Civil War was fought to free the slaves and it is a fact that many a Union soldier did not view Black Americans as equal to those who were White.  The left can call me racist, I don’t care.  The others can try and shame me with the term “Rainbow Confederate” all they want, it matters not to me.  I have paid dearly in my beliefs, dedication and devotion to my Confederate heritage and I wouldn’t change a thing, it is my birthright. Enjoy the article from Active South-Editor

Note: The following is an article designed to promote healthy discussion and thought on the controversial subject of race in the South – which we realize is a complicated, difficult subject to tackle. However, Active South hopes that through looking at this subject through a civilized, Christian view, we can all perhaps come away with a more informed perspective on focusing our activism efforts in the South.

I’ve got a little confession to make. I’m honored to be a Southern Nationalist, and I’m proud to be involved in the many small ways of promoting Christian truth and liberty in the South. I love my home, and I’m powerfully moved by the Southern history, leadership, and values of our people. Sure, we’ve made some mistakes over time, but as a whole, I truly believe the South and areas of the Midwest are the last strongholds for the principles of limited Government and Christian Community.

However, one area in which the Southern Nationalist movement is failing to properly address an issue, is the issue of race. Now I know, just mentioning this word is liable to get me slapped with the label “Rainbow Confederate” by the loud contingent of Couch Confederates who love to moan and complain about the blacks or Hispanics who are out there stealing all their welfare benefits. But I’ll take that risk, because the topic of Race, and how to appropriately handle the issue, is an area in which some Southern Nationalists are often conspicuously quiet. And even when race is brought up by these sorts of folks, it’s usually in a manner that vilifies Southern blacks, or Hispanics, and portrays them as a year or two away from swarming the proud ramparts of White Civilization, raping, pillaging, beating, killing, etc., etc., etc.

Now, this strikes me as odd on two points.

One: Those Southern Nationalists who claim to be Christian, but seek to perpetuate strife and bloodshed in our communities through an antagonistic behavior (or demeanor) towards the historic people groups of the South (Historic meaning: Southern Blacks who have lived and worked in their communities for hundreds of years, Southern Hispanics who supported Texas Independence, or Native Americans). What am I talking about here? I’m not talking about illegal immigrants, or foreign people groups (such as Muslims) who seek to transplant and grow their way of life into our communities, without ever seeking to adopt or assimilate the Christian principles of Community and Government. And I’m not talking about some fantasy-land notion of U.S. Federal egalitarianism where we all join hands with the people groups, sexual orientations, animals, plants, and cosmic energies of the world, and sing a Disney version of “It’s a Small World After all”.

No. What I’m talking about is, for the purpose of Government, finding ways to work with Southern Blacks, Hispanics, and Native American groups in order to more capably throw off the reigns of the U.S. Empire. This job in itself is a big one, without inciting racial animosity throughout the South. Now I know what you’re thinking, cause I thought of it too. “What about the Southern Blacks, Hispanics, or XYZ group who doesn’t want to share these values, and would rather enact violence against us to keep it that way?” While some may look to eye-for-an-eye behavior, I don’t believe this is a Christian response. And as history proves, this only escalates into an out-of-control situation where Government disappears into chaos and anarchy. As a people, we certainly shouldn’t be against voluntary segregation, ending welfare benefits, closing Government Schools, or legal measures to keep various Southern people groups out of each others business. But ultimately, as the Grey Book’s Blueprint for Southern Independence states (page 69), the Gospel of Christ is the only sure way to bring stability to communities where attention is needed. Sure, we may need to defend our homes and families from folks with hostile intentions. But do we really want to be out there exacerbating this behavior, provoking people within our communities into a fight – so that in the end, we’re weakened through attempting to battle on two fronts?

And two: In seeking to grow Southern Nationalism in a time exceedingly ripe with contention towards the Federal Government, a dogmatic racial rhetoric is in actuality driving away many Southern folks who have a lot to contribute. Again, I’m not talking about the real rainbow Confederates – those who want to join hands with all the people groups of the world, and show everyone that the Confederate Battle Flag can join ranks with the flags flying in front of the United Nations. What I’m talking about are Southerners who are interested in history, or looking to learn more about Blacks or Germans who played a role in the South. While I understand that the Sons of Confederate Veterans would be wise to look to the future of our people – the SCV is composed of many proud Southern folks who can do a lot of good promoting the South and Southern Nationalism in their communities. As a movement, we’d do well not to lock these folks out from participating in the Independence of our Community!

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  1. The only way to promote Christian values and government is to promote Christianity. That means limiting non-Christian participation and overt public observance of Christianity regardless if it makes musims or jews or wiccans or whoever uncomfortable.


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