Ray McBerry: Too many questions, not enough answers regarding Sandy Hook shooting

Ray McBerry of Georgia First television has asked some of the best questions and offers some of the best facts to ponder regarding the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. This is a must see. Hat’s off to Ray for this amazing piece of work- Editor

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I am just an average blue collar American who works hard and tries to be a good dad. I have a passion for history, music and freedom.

One Response to “Ray McBerry: Too many questions, not enough answers regarding Sandy Hook shooting”

  1. Tell you what, McBerry, why don’t you head on up to Newtown and locate the parents of these murdered children and express your Sandy Hook doubts to them. Better yet – I’ll drive you up. I would love to see the well deserved response you will receive. And while we’re on our trip, let’s stop into any FDNY firehouse before we return to Georgia. It’s only a little over an hour outside NYC. I would also like to see you express your belief that Larry Silverstein and the FDNY “pulled” WTC7 – destroyed it by CD.

    Seriously – if this is what you believe, you should have no trouble conveying your thoughts to the exact persons supposedly involved or affected by those events, right?

    Let me know by replying here or maybe I’ll catch up with you someday at Benchwarmers.

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