West Plains man offers land to lure Gun Manufacturers to Missouri

Thanks to Michael Evans and America’s Voice Now for sharing this story with us! – Editor

From Ozark First.Com:

WEST PLAINS, Mo. — A West Plains businessman is offering up his land to any gun manufacturer that wants to move to the Ozarks.

John Negri made the announcement Tuesday morning on the West Plains conservative radio show “America’s Voice Now.”

The project has gained support from pro-gun lobbyist group Gun Owners of America, State Senator Mike Cunningham and Lt. Governor Peter Kinder.

“America’s Voice Now” host Michael Evans says Negri approached him about the idea at the beginning of the year after states like Connecticut, New York and Maryland and Colorado began passing firearms restrictive legislation.

According to Evans, Negri is making three parcels of land available at a no-charge lease for a 20 years. Negri is extending the invitation to gun manufacturers or distributors that have publicly announced they’re leaving because of restrictive firearms regulations.

“There are three specific parcels of land and each manufacturer may have a different desire or need,” explains Evans. “So essentially what he’s offered is if a manufacturer chooses one of those parcels, they’re not all three up for grabs. Then he’ll provide a manufacturer who will bring a factory or manufacturing or a distribution plant here and provide for them to have a lease on that property. They would have to put up the building or do whatever it needs to do to be in operation, but they’re more than likely going to have to do that wherever they go.”

Larry Pratt, the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, told KOLR10 that he’s delighted that Negri is making such a generous offer and believes that gun manufacturers might consider Missouri because of its more business-friendly environment.

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“He thought it was a wonderful idea and would give an opportunity for manufacturers to come to a location and an area where we are one, a second amendment friendly state and two they could operate here without some of the regulatory and tax challenges they had in their home state,” echoes Evans.

Evans says some companies have already expressed interest in the project but couldn’t specify which ones.

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