MHCN threatened

Just received this message which was part of an online discussion about what the definition of a political non- partisan was:

DuckSlayer May 11, 6:42 pm

Yet you still don’t refute the points made….

Nobody called you any names. Nobody insulted your “heritage”.

How has this been “partisan”? What political party is this endorsing?

Now I’m going to insult you:

You are a mentally ill pervert that gets off starting drama. You are one of those that needs to spend more time taking care of your children, your job, and yourself than worrying about your fictitious “southern heritage” and confusing what it means to be “non-partisan” and taking a stance base on principles. For Pete’s sake, you have to invent news stories to make yourself feel relevant. The fact is all the major political parties are wrong in some ways and right in others. You have to work with them if you want to accomplish anything worth while. All you do is try to threaten friends and family. One of these days you will threaten the wrong person and you will not like the results.

What a surprise to find that after tracing this anti-South perpetrator’s internet information , he turns out to be retired from the U.S. ARMY   and just happens to live in the area of Boonville, Ark {aka The South} and whose Facebook page is littered with photos of dominatrix and strippers.- Editor

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I am just an average blue collar American who works hard and tries to be a good dad. I have a passion for history, music and freedom.

One Response to “MHCN threatened”

  1. Yeah, you can’t help but notice a trend with the Federalist crowd. They like to talk down their noses to Southerners, because they don’t like that we actually believe in right and wrong, and foundational truth. As for this loser making threats – I think he will find that Missourians, and Sons of the South stick together 🙂

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