Breaking News: Tennessee Paper BLOCKS Secede Advertisement


Breaking News: Active South was recently contacted by Southerner James Swor in regards to his attempts to place a paid, pro-South advertisement in Tennessee’s Paris Post Intelligencer. As indicated by his e-mail exchange with the paper below, he was willing to possibly pay for a one year run. However, the editor of the paper rejected his business and instituted an attitude of censorship towards the content of the advertisement. (See Active South’s prior post regarding the advertising program)

Mr. Swor contacted the Paris-Post Intelligencer with the following: “I would like a quote to publish the attached .jpg for a display ad of approximately 2″x3″ (six column inches?).
Please, also, note where placement of the ad would be in the paper. I would like the quote reflect a one year run, with occassional print ready changes in content. Does the newspaper accept credit card or Paypal payment? Thank you in advance for your assistance.”

The Classified Department at the Paris-Post Intelligencer wrote back, “Mr. Swor, My editor rejected the ad. This is a small, very conservative, family run newspaper and the editor & publisher is also the owner. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Mr. Swor states to Active South that, “I had no idea I would be dealing with this kind of resistance, and that coming from the volunteer county of the Volunteer State. These peoples’ ancestors voted 3 to 1 to secede from the union in 1861! And provided the most and largest Companies in the largest Regiment in Tennessee.”

Active South encourages our Southern readers to politely respond to the Tennessee Paris Post-Intelligencer and let them know that as Southerners, we don’t appreciate our business being censored. While we do understand that the paper is of course free to choose what news or editorial content it allows within their pages, it seems that when someone is paying to place an ad – the views naturally represented in the ad aren’t necessarily the views of the paper (especially when the ad is pro-family and pro-South). And it’s also a paper’s responsibility (if they are worth their salt) to be a voice for the community.

Contact Information:

Website: The Paris Post-Intelligencer
Paris, TN 38242

You may also submit a letter to the editor via the following link.

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