No surprise: Establishment shill wins Missouri 8th Congressional District

Newly elected U.S. Representative Jason Smith- Photo Fred Lynch Southeast Missourian newspaper

Newly elected U.S. Representative Jason Smith- Photo Fred Lynch Southeast Missourian newspaper

To no one’s surprise an establishment hack was elected to Missouri’s 8th Congressional District. The Missouri G.O.P. took the blue print from the Republican Party’s “rigging” of the Presidential caucuses. when they were preparing for the nomination process.  As the Marble Hill Constitution-News reported on February 4, 2013: “It is the opinion of the Marble Hill Constitution-News that the “establishment” wants Jason Smith to be the Republican nominee for Missouri’s 8th Congressional District. The departure of Emerson and the decision of who will replace her draws parallels to the 2012 Republican caucuses that took place in Missouri.  The people wanted Ron Paul at many of these caucuses, but the establishment wanted Romney and were willing to do anything, including committing voter fraud to get him as witnessed in St. Charles and Clay counties in Missouri”

Take one look into Jason Smith’s eyes (pictured above) and only one word comes to mind. Crazy.  He is power hungry, he is arrogant and this will ultimately lead to his political demise. I predict that it will be no less than two years in Washington and we will see him step down due to some type of political scandal (probably more in the year time frame). The arrogant ones are always the ones who believe they will never get caught, and this guy has plenty of arrogant to go around. Smith ran a “low profile” or “un” campaign like wise his biggest cheer leader, the Southeast Missourian did the same. Although they did issue this glowing endorsement of him.

Missouri’s 8th Congressional District lost it’s representation during the “Reagan Revolution” , a time when many Southern Democrats converted to Republicanism and while Reagan was a good president and a friend of the South, many of those that rode his coat tails into office weren’t. One of those was Bill Emerson who defeated Bill Burlison in 1980. While many praise Bill Emerson and later Jo Ann Emerson it is important to remember what we had before and after they left office. In an article published February 18, 2013 in the Marble Hill Constitution-News entitled “Poverty in Missouri 8th Congressional District will continue under Smith: “The 8th Congressional District is the poorest in the State of Missouri, expanding welfare will not eradicate this harsh reality. Instead the Post-Dispatch should look at why there is so much poverty in the district.Wanting to cut taxes is a good thing. Low taxes are a key to building business and prosperity. Unfortunately former Representative Emerson voted on every so-called free trade bill that came across her desk.

According to Jerry Howard.Com

In 1980, there were FIFTY shoe factories in the 8th Congressional District.  Today there are none.

Representative Jo Ann Emerson voted for the bailout of WALL STREET & FOREIGN BANKERS, and she voted for job killing  “Free Trade”  Policies.

Voted YES on promoting Free Trade with Peru (November 2007)

Voted NO on assisting workers who lose jobs due to outsourcing of jobs (October 2007)

Voted YES on implementing Central America Free Trade Act (July 2005)

Voted YES on implementing Free Trade Agreement with Singapore (July 2003)

Voted YES on implementing Free Trade Agreement with Chile (July 2003)

Voted NO on withdrawing from the World Trade Organization (June 2000)

Voted YES on PERMENANT Most Favored Nation Trade Status for Communist China (2000) Noted YES on ‘Fast Track’ authority for Trade Agreements (September 1998)

Mr. Howard’s website has a list of other Southeast Missouri factories that were closed under the leadership of “Team Emerson”. You can click here to read the entire list, and be warned, it is a very long list.

You can bet that if the Republican Party took the time to hand-pick Smith he will be true to his predecessor’s policies.”

Smith is merely the next “appointed” Representative to rule over us, make sure our resources are drained and be a tool for use in Washington by companies like Monsanto who are trying to monopolize the agriculture industry making it more difficult for the smaller family farms to exist. You want the party of Lincoln you get the despotism and cronyism that comes along with it when the Southern Democrats converted into being Reagan Republicans it left a vacuum that filled with every left wing, socialist nut job in the party, which has worsened matters.

The only true future we have comes with breaking the yoke of the Republican / Democrat paradigm and vote for Third Party and Independent candidates but to do this will require you to tune out the Unions ( on the left) and the Farm Bureaus (on the right) who are nothing more than thinly veiled fund raising arms of both parties- Editor

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One Response to “No surprise: Establishment shill wins Missouri 8th Congressional District”

  1. I was at Clay County for the caucus, and it was just as much of a disaster for Liberty in Missouri, as it was in St. Charles. The Establishment Republican Party in Missouri has a heavy-handed grip on our people – just as much as the Liberal Democrats do in our cities. Neither are our friends, and they only care about political agendas and power for themselves.

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