Travon Martin: America takes sides ( and so does the media)

The back of Zimmerman's head at the police station.

The back of Zimmerman’s head at the police station.

U.K.’s “The Independent” has published an article about the upcoming Travon Martin story involving George Zimmerman and right out of the gate they attempt to portray Zimmerman as the evil white guy. Zimmerman is hispanic, but to many media outlets (including those located in Europe, this just won’t do. According to The Independent:

“That young black man Trayvon Martin was killed last year by white Hispanic neighbourhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman is not in dispute. But as Zimmerman’s trial begins today it may be harder to establish what represents justice”

George Zimmerman is Hispanic but an Hispanic on Black crime just isn’t tantalizing to the American Media juggernaut, and that goes double for the news media in Europe therefore Zimmerman couldn’t be reported as merely being Hispanic they had to come up with an entirely new race for this case “White/ Hispanic”. There that’s better. Now it was not merely a case of mistaken identity it becomes a hate crime committed by the evil “White” guy.

The Independent reports that the subdivision in which Zimmerman lived had become over-ridden with crime. According to the paper:

George Zimmerman with a bloody, swollen nose in the back seat of a police car on the night of the shooting.

George Zimmerman with a bloody, swollen nose in the back seat of a police car on the night of the shooting.

“I could see the ambience here eroding,” Mr Taaffe, 56, says. “I don’t want to say darker, but that too.” Until a few months ago, the only gap in the perimeter fence around the community – “the Retreat at Twin Lakes” – was here right behind his house. “The scum that used to come through here…” he says, gesturing to the sliverof grass separating him from next door. “This was the corridor of crime.”

Mr Taaffe doesn’t mean to be racist discussing the trial that starts today of his friend, George Zimmerman, accused of murdering Trayvon Martin last year here at Twin Lakes. Zimmerman is white Hispanic while Trayvon, just 17, was black.”

Not content with labeling Zimmerman as “White” the “African-American” community has to compare this event to the civil rights era invoking the days of lynchings while discarding  Trayvon’s criminal past.

“As Mr Bonaparte, who is black, puts it at the Chamber breakfast, the killing of Trayvon Martin highlighted what “has not been resolved in America even going back to the lynchings. A white man shot and killed a black person and nothing happened, again. That’s what struck a chord.” Locally, he adds, “it was the like the removal of a scab that showed that the healing that should have happened had not”.

But that early boil of outrage has been partially lanced. Mr Zimmerman, 28, turned himself in and eventually was charged with second-degree murder. The then chief of police, Bill Lee, was sacked by Mr Bonaparte. (Mr Lee was white and his replacement is black.) In the spring of this year, lawyers for Mr Zimmerman said they would not use a Stand Your Ground defence. To some it is enough that the wheels of justice are finally turning as they should.

“It’s in God’s hands now,” says Frederick Turner, a Goldsboro resident, “but I can’t say the community is happy because a young black man died for no reason”. He also echoed many in voicing dismay at the attempts by the defence to introduce evidence, including records from his mobile phone, that disparage Trayvon as wayward at least, even a wannabe gangster with an enthusiasm for marijuana and violence.

“All that stuff doesn’t have nothing to do with what happened to him in those seconds, minutes”

If you act like a thug, look like a thug and behave like a thug people are going to believe your a thug, especially in a neighborhood that had been riddled with crime in recent years. None of this of course matters to the media who has painted Trayvon  Martin as just a poor 17 year old African-American boy who was merely out for a walk with some skittles and an ice-tea, never mind the fact that George Zimmerman had lacerations on his face and neck which proved he was attacked or that the media deliberately left this crucial part of the story out of their reports.- Editor

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