U.N. Troops in Nebraska?

Note: I have no idea of the validity of this report, but if it is true it is alarming to say the least and let’s face it, with our current President anything is possible. Thanks to Jason Coffman for sharing this link:

From the Secrets of the Fed.com website:

“My husband called me a little while ago to let me know that he saw something strange. He is a trucker and was driving outside Omaha, Nebraska, in Thurston County on some back roads. Along the road he spotted about 16 soldiers in uniforms he had not seen before, which were blue, black and gray. The troops did not look like Americans, and glared at him as he passed. There were five jeeps with no markings, and the troops were moving quickly to unload trailers and get it into the timbers. He didn’t know what they were unloading, but he said it gave him chills. He called a friend who keeps up on these things, and he said they were UN troops.”
Read more at http://www.secretsofthefed.com/un-troops-spotted-loading-supplies-in-middle-america/#TFtJvM6gEV3sZCbm.99

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One Response to “U.N. Troops in Nebraska?”

  1. I wish they had given a more detailed description.
    The US Navy has blue/grey camo uniforms.

    I think UN troops just wear their country’s uniform with the blue helmet,

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