It’s Official: Nixon is Obama’s favorite Lap Dog

If anyone had any doubt where the loyalties of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon lie it was erased with one broad stroke of the pen. As  National Association of Gun Rights’ Dudley Brown wrote in a mass email letter to members:

“I have bad news out of Jefferson City.

Governor Jay Nixon vetoed the Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB-436).

With the stoke of a pen Governor Nixon’s disdain for your Second Amendments rights and your privacy, became clear.

In spite of the thousands of messages he received urging him to sign HB-436, Gov. Nixon chose to be a loyal lap dog to the anti-gun interests of the likes of Barack Obama and billionaire-playboy New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Make no mistake, his veto is a slap in the face to gun owners in Missouri.

Now, gun owners in Missouri will be left defenseless in the face of an unprecedented national gun control effort being spearheaded by Washington bureaucrats, and a barrage of unconstitutional Executive Orders being levied out by President Barack Obama.

His veto also leaves the door open for unscrupulous reporters to publish the personal information of gun owners like you on their websites and in their newspapers.

Nixon expressed more concern for what he called the “First Amendment” right for reporters to invade your privacy than he did for your Second Amendment rights as a whole.”

This isn’t the first time “Pie Face” Jay has stuck it to Missourians.  Earlier this year the Department of Revenue was caught collecting personal data from Missourians in an effort to implement The Real ID Act in Missouri.

Initially Nixon denied that the state was collecting data as Missouri Net.Com reported on April 3, 2013:

“Governor Jay Nixon says his Department of Revenue is not feeding a database of personal information on Missourians who have applied for driver’s and non-driver’s licenses and concealed carry permits.

Nixon has responded to the recent issues raised primarily by legislative Republicans over the Revenue Department scanning personal documents from those applicants.

“This Department of Revenue and this State of Missouri is not collecting a bunch of unuseful data to send to some sort of magical database someplace to mess with people. It’s not happening, OK? We’re at a time when in which a lot of people like to have a lot of discussions about that and play into folks’ concerns about this and that and then throw around names and all that sort of stuff, but they’re just not doin’ it. I mean, you know that and I know that.”

Asked directly whether the Department is enforcing the federal Real I.D. Act, Nixon says he thinks it is not.

“I’ve not gotten into the details on this other than to say that no, we’re not moving forward on trying to implement Real I.D. I signed a measure directly on that and we’re following the law that I signed.”

Asked about the Homeland Security website stating that Missouri has filed a compliance package on Real I.D., Nixon said only, “I spend a lot of time doing a lot of things. Reading what federales say about us on websites is certainly not one of ‘em.”

On May 1, 2013 Wrong Way Jay.Com published a letter the Department of Homeland Security sent to Governor Nixon thanking him for complying with the Real ID Act and it was signed by none other than Janet Napolitano.

On the May 5, 2010 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, host Alex Jones reported that Governor Nixon had been appointed to President Obama’s “Council of Governors” in an advisory role for “Defense and national security issues”

This was after Nixon spear-headed the MIAC report that listed Libertarians , Conservatives, Ron Paul supporters and Tea Party members as national threats along with fundamentalist Christians.

The fact that Governor Nixon would veto a nullification bill to protect Missouri gun owners comes as no surprise, he has been a loyal member of Team Obama from the start, supporting a bloated, over-reaching federal government that is determined to    subvert our constitutionally guaranteed rights. In doing so he has violated his oath of office. In doing so he has become Barack Obama’s favorite and most loyal lap dog.

Contact your State Representative and tell them to override Governor Nixon’s veto and impeach him if possible.

Call: (573) 751-3659.

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I am just an average blue collar American who works hard and tries to be a good dad. I have a passion for history, music and freedom.

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