The Castor

Here We Go

IMG_0377What happens on the river stays on the river.

Unless of course, you bring it home.

I brought back plenty from my camping trip to the Castor River in southeast Missouri.

A wicked sunburn graces my lower leg. My thighs still ache from the impromptu footrace I had with a 10-year-old Saturday night.

But when my skin cools and the muscles heal, the memories will linger.

The Castor River is more of a lifestyle than a venue.

It’s a place where people say “Good morning” and actually mean it, where a neighbor brings you a cup of coffee in the morning without asking.

Afternoons are spent swimming — even sitting — in the rock-bottomed waterway, telling tall tales with buddies. Bullfrogs can be heard in the evening, bellowing in the distance. Deer lurk in the glade, a four-wheeler ride away.

I saw old friends and met new ones, such as…

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I am just an average blue collar American who works hard and tries to be a good dad. I have a passion for history, music and freedom.

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