Area Rescue Issues Urgent Plea to Save Dogs

From an anonymous contributor:

Hey friends – near and far – we got a sad damn situation here with two sweet dogs abandoned by their idiot owners 3 years ago! They have been fed and taken care of by a neighboring property owner all this time, and now our BoCo Stray Project is trying to find them real homes! But, they are older so that might take awhile…

Anyway – please read the full story and if you got a couple extra bucks to contribute it would save these two fellas who never did anything to deserve their lot in life – seriously even $5 will help.

Oh…and God help those owners if I ever find out who they are!!!!!

The contributor included a link to the Bollinger County Stray Project which included more information on the two dogs:

JR and Eugene are special cases that deserve special homes. Here is their story… Three years ago, our owners divorced – and left us alone. We miss the two small children that we loved much, and we’ve tried hard to survive and wait for their return. Through the kindness of a neighbor (whose primary home is 40 mins. away), we have been kept alive with food 3x a week. But we both are now in desperate need of a good loving home, and consistent care and nutrition. WILL YOU HELP US NOW?

What do you say everyone? Shall we help them? The Constitution-News contributed $5.00 if all of our readers could contribute the same we can save these beautiful animals. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

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One Response to “Area Rescue Issues Urgent Plea to Save Dogs”

  1. Thank you, Clint – I hope folks realize the good this organization does for the benefit of our little community. $5 from 130 people would not even be noticed by each individual – but would certainly be noticed by these two loving dogs!

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