Patriots return to scene of overpass arrest in St. Charles

From The Examiner.Com website:

Defiance to oppressive governmental overreach was the sentiment today on the 5th street overpass in St. Charles, Missouri. Grassroots activists and Tea Party members from the region gathered on the overpass, this morning, to protest the unlawful arrest of Duane Weed and Marc Messmer. The two were arrested, by the Missouri Highway Patrol, for failing to comply with a request to vacate the area, and resisting arrest. Controversy arose, last week, when it was learned that Messmer and Weed subsequently spent 24 hours in the St. Charles County jail, with no charges being filed against them. They also state that they were not read their Miranda Rights….Messmer and Weed are determined to defend their rights and are considering filing a civil rights violation lawsuit. A website, “Two Patriots Legal Fund,” was set up to raise funds for their legal fees.


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