Lacy Lecture on the Battle of Crooked Creek

museum2On August 24, Clint Lacy spoke to an audience at the Bollinger County Museum of Natural History about the Battle of Crooked Creek ( Also known as the Battle of the Andrew Snider farm).

Mr. Lacy spoke about pre-War Missouri culture citing that by the census of 1860 more Missourians claimed their lineage from the State of Kentucky than any other state and how the influx of German immigration conflicted with the culture of Southerners from Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina who originally settled the state.

Lacy noted that while small in comparison to many battles in the East, the Battle of Crooked Creek was typical of the type of battles that took place in early war-time Missouri (the state ranks third in the number of battles behind Tennessee and Virginia.

Ultimately, Lacy noted the deciding factor of the battle was when Colonel William Jeffers called up his sharp shooter to neutralize a Union bugler who was sounding the rally call for troops under the command of Major. Lazear. The shot , was remarkably made from a distance of 300 yards.

In addition, Lacy noted that after 1862 the majority of regular Confederate troops had been sent to other theaters of war by the Confederate government, which led to guerrilla warfare in the state for the duration of the war.

Mr. Lacy also talked about post-war Radical Republican rule, which, at times, was just as harsh on Unionist in the state, as it was on former Confederates.

The Bollinger County Museum of Natural History noted:

Yesterday’s Civil War talk was a huge success. Many Thanks to Clint Lacy for sharing his vast knowledge with our visitors!!! Thanks to all who attended the talk; the history room was full to capacity.

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