Weekend Music Feature: Corey Smith “Twenty-One”

This week’s Weekend Music Feature is Corey Smith’s “Twenty-One” from Wikipedia:

Smith grew up in Jackson County. Because of his proximity to the University of Georgia, Smith visited the college town of Athens, Georgia regularly. Smith originally attended Gainesville State College before transferring to the University of West Georgia to be with his now wife. She would eventually attend the University of Georgia alongside Smith.[1] At the University of Georgia, he majored in Social Studies education. He continued to write songs and play for his friends at parties. Corey’s music became popular amongst his peers and his students. He taught world geography and world history at North Gwinnett High School in Gwinnett County Georgia before deciding to pursue music full-time at the age of 21.

Smith’s first album, “Undertones”, contains one of his most requested songs, titled “Twenty One.”[1] The second album Corey released is titled “In the Mood”. Corey Smith made the songs on this record similar to his first one because of the response he got from fans who welcomed the booze-driven lyrics. Corey Smiths’ third album, “The Good Life”, was written and released in 2005. The album is titled after Corey’s song “The Good Life”. Corey completed his fourth album, “Hard-Headed Fool” in 2007, followed by his fifth album, “Keeping Up with the Joneses”, in November 2009. His next album titled “The Broken Record” was released on June 21st, 2011.[4] In October 2012, Corey released his first live album, “Live In Chattanooga”.


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