Personal Information: Latest weapon in Flag Opponents Arsenal

On September 7 the Marble Hill Constitution-News reported about a Virginia Heritage Group’s effort to erect a Confederate Battle Flag and 50 ft flag pole on Interstate 95 near Richmond , Va.  We reported that even though this was to be done on private property a number of liberal organizations and politicians are opposing the idea.

Though the story has gained international attention many are unaware of a much smaller opposition that is doing it’s best to discredit the group’s efforts via the internet.

Tonight Susan Hathaway, a member of “The Virginia Flaggers” heritage group posted the following on her Facebook page:

Over the weekend, one of the Anti-Confederate Bloggers took his campaign of hate against the Va Flaggers to a new low, when he made my private employment information public by posting it on the world wide web, then tweeting the information along with false accusation to my employer, anti-Confederate agitators in the Richmond area, and our local press.

The “anti-Confederate” blogger in question is Brooks D. Simpson “a historian and writer who teaches at Arizona State University.”.  Simpson, who publishes the “Crossroads” blog wrote of Mrs. Hathaway:

Those people who have followed the exploits of the Virginia Flaggers notice that someone who craves attention is presently silent, indeed invisible: none other than the leader of the Virginia Flaggers, Susan Hathaway. Why is this?

Well, there is a very plausible reason.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is currently embarking on a plan to renovate Robinson House, a building on its grounds, into a regional visitor’s center. The building dates from before the American Civil War: from 1885 through 1940 it served as the Robert E. Lee Camp for Confederate Veterans. It even exhibited Stonewall Jackson’s horse, Little Sorrel, until the horse was moved to VMI in 1948. The house is but a short walk from the Confederate War Memorial Chapel

The VMFA chose {name withheld by Constitution-News}, a distinguished Richmond-based firm, to manage the renovation.

Guess who works for that company?

One can imagine the issues involved in having an employee of a company picket the institution the company’s been hired to assist.  As for myself, I think Susan has a right to her own opinion and a right to express it without fear of retaliation. Maybe she’ll explain why she’s not exercising those rights.

While Simpson and other bloggers have expressed their opposition to the Virginia flag project by implying racism or racist ties and have no problem publishing the personal information of others, Hathaway has issued a statement asking that supporters of the flag project not lower themselves to the same level of conduct stating:

Some of the offers came by way of wanting to repay him and other Bloggers in like kind, by posting their information and encouraging others to do the same. I want to take this opportunity to express that I am adamant in not wanting ANYONE in our movement to ever do such a thing. Disagreeing with someone is one thing, and we have every right (a duty, even) to defend our honor, but publishing information that could very possibly affect one’s livelihood, and therefore their ability to care for their families and fulfill their obligations, is not something I want to EVER be a part of.

Unlike our enemies, WE have truth, honor, and right on our side and do not need to sink to unethical and immoral tactics in order to gain victory.

Spoken like a true Southern lady. Bloggers such as Simpson who try to tie “Flaggers” such as Mrs. Hathaway to “extremist” groups would be wise to take  inventory of those who associate with  him in the “blogoshpere”.  One of the frequent commentators on Brooks’ “Crossroads” blog , identifies theirself only by the moniker “The Liberty Lamp” visiting their blog one gets the impression that they are hardly innocent of holding extremist left-wing views.  They state:

Lots of people are wondering who we at the Lady Liberty’s Lamp Collective are. We are a collective of artists, writers, photographers and videographers who have come together to report on and fight right-wing racism

How do they plan to fight Right-Wing racism?  As they say a picture is worth a thousand words…

2009_inglorious_bastards_0021 In addition The Liberty Lamp describes themselves as a “collective” and links to the One Peoples Project.  From Wikipedia..

“One Peoples Project (OPP) is an organization founded in 2000 to monitor and publish information about alleged racist and far right groups and individuals, mostly in the United States. Its most prominent members are Daryle Lamont Jenkins, its founder, and Joshua Hoyt, who joined the group in 2002.[1][2][3]

OPP originated from a July 4, 2000 protest against a Nationalist Movement rally in Morristown, New Jersey that was billed as Independence from Affirmative-Action Day. The counter-demonstration was called the One People’s Rally. Three hundred anti-racist protesters turned out to face nine supporters of the Nationalist Movement.[4] At the time, Jenkins was a member of the New Brunswick, New Jersey-based group New Jersey Freedom Organization (NJFO). Originally named One People’s Coalition, with Jenkins as its spokesperson, the group researched and published information about the Nationalist Movement’s awards ceremony at the Manville Veterans of Foreign Wars hall. This led to the cancellation of the event.

Over the next year, the renamed One People’s Project broadened their focus, to publish information on their website about American conservatives, ranging from the mainstream to far right. In November 2001, OPP began focusing heavily on white supremacist groups that were attempting to take advantage of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The most notable of these groups was the Hillsboro, West Virginia-based National Alliance.

OPP has published phone numbers, home addresses and workplace addresses of individuals they have identified as being far right and/or racist. While this practice has invited criticism by those who say that it can incite others to violence, the group has defended this practice as using the same free speech rights that anti-abortion activists use when they do the same to abortion providers.[5]

On July 28, 2007, when a rally was organized to support a plan by the mayor of Morristown, New Jersey, to deputize law enforcement officials to enforce immigration laws via the Immigration and Nationality Act, OPP posted a notice on their website calling the event an “anti-immigrant rally”, although the organizer described it as a rally against illegal immigration. After the rally, the OPP website included the following statement: “[w]e don’t think anyone is going to lose any sleep over people chanting during the anti-immigrant side’s salute to the flag, Nazis getting slapped around a bit or the pain Robb Pearson & Co. feel over being called racist all the time.”[6][dead link] According to the OPP website, all charges were dropped when one of those supporters was also charged for his role in the fight, and an agreement was reached.[7][dead link]

In 2011, David Yeagley filed a lawsuit against Jenkins and OPP for participating in actions that allegedly led to the cancellation of an American Renaissance conference in 2010, where he was supposed to speak.[8] According to Yeagley’s lawsuit, OPP and others contacted hotels hosting the conference, “threatening, murder, violence and other forms of retribution” should the event take place. The hotels have never confirmed that this happened, and no charges have been laid.”

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  1. Good post, Clint. But Simpson’s efforts are all for naught. The I-95 flag is going up, and there’s nothing he can do to stop it.

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