Northern Racism and Southern Inclusiveness

I received this off of the Southern Heritage News and Views Facebook feed. With all of the allegations of divisiveness and racism being hurled at the Virginia Flaggers heritage group for raising a giant Confederate Battle Flag outside of Richmond , Virginia , this picture and the location it was taken speaks volumes.  A Klan Rally in New Jersey, utilizing the  American Flag:klan

Contrast the above picture with the picture below taken at Saturday’s raising  of the Confederate Battle Flag outside of Richmond, Virginia on Interstate-95. Critics cite racism, slavery and divisiveness as being associated with the Confederate flag , yet J.M. Herman a White man from Missouri and Karen Cooper an African-American woman from Virginia are seen celebrating together, the raising of the Confederate Battle Flag.


Both flags have been used by extremist groups. That doesn’t make either flag racist and that is the point. They are both American flags which represent American veterans. – Editor

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