VICTORY!: Virginia Flaggers raise Confederate Flag outside of Richmond


THE SOUTH HAS RISEN AGAIN!-  That was the headline from today’s online edition of the New York Daily News which goes on to report:

For one day in central Virginia, the South rose again.

Hundreds gathered in a wooded area alongside I-95 just south of Richmond on Saturday to celebrate the raising of the Confederate battle flag — which many critics view as a symbol of racism and hate.

he crowd cheered with rebel yells and gunfire as the 15-by-15 foot flag was lifted up the 50-foot pole, which can be seen by tens of thousands of motorists along the highway each day.

But Susan Hathaway, a member of the Virginia Flaggers — which purchased the Stars and Bars from the Army of Northern Virginia — said the message was heritage, not hate, to mark the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

“As sons and daughters of the South, we have inherited a birthright. Ours is a proud heritage,” she told the crowd during the flag-raising ceremony.

“We are descendants of Confederates, we are friends of Confederates. …The flag that is being raised today will be a living, breathing memorial to our Confederate dead.”- Susan Hathaway, member of The Virginia Flaggers

Often attacked and ridiculed by critics Virginia Flagger Susan Hathaway has been the very example of resilience and strength.  Three weeks ago one critic hit a new low and published Mrs. Hathaway’s work information and making false accusations to her employer. While many called for retribution, Mrs. Hathaway issued the following statement:

Over the weekend, one of the Anti-Confederate Bloggers took his campaign of hate against the Va Flaggers to a new low, when he made my private employment information public by posting it on the world wide web, then tweeting the information along with false accusation to my employer, anti-Confederate agitators in the Richmond area, and our local press.

Almost immediately, I was overwhelmed by the incredible show of support from friends, Flaggers, and folks I have never met, from both North and South of the Mason-Dixon Line. I cannot adequately express my appreciation for the encouragement, offers of assistance, and willingness to help.

Some of the offers came by way of wanting to repay him and other Bloggers in like kind, by posting their information and encouraging others to do the same. I want to take this opportunity to express that I am adamant in not wanting ANYONE in our movement to ever do such a thing. Disagreeing with someone is one thing, and we have every right (a duty, even) to defend our honor, but publishing information that could very possibly affect one’s livelihood, and therefore their ability to care for their families and fulfill their obligations, is not something I want to EVER be a part of.

Unlike our enemies, WE have truth, honor, and right on our side and do not need to sink to unethical and immoral tactics in order to gain victory.

In my humble opinion, the best thing we can do to neutralize those who attack us with no provocation is to stay focused on our Cause and continue the good work that has been started. With every flag that is raised, returned, or added to the landscape, we win a victory for the Confederate Veterans who fought and died under them…and when THEY are not the focus of our efforts, our efforts truly are in vain.

And with the raising of the I-95 Battle Flag raised as promised, Mrs. Hathaway and all of the Virginia Flaggers have done just that, they have achieved a victory, a great victory in the face of adversity and in doing so have conducted themselves as Ladies and Gentlemen, something I think their ancestors, our ancestors would be very proud of- Editor


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