A Nation led by Cowards

From the Editor:

There is so much more I could be doing right now. There are many things I need to be doing right now but the events that transpired yesterday in Washington, D.C. have compelled me to speak out.

Right now the only thing the media is concentrating on is the Government Shutdown that is taking place.  The Republicans want to de-fund  The Affordable Care Act ( Obamacare) and fund the rest of the government piecemeal to make sure vital services are funded. The Democrats will have none of that. “Obamacare” is their signature piece of legislation, a progressive Utopian masterpiece.

Both sides are pointing the finger of blame at the other, with the mainstream media predictably pointing the finger of blame at the Republicans. No surprise there, it’s what they do.

We must be careful because THIS is what politicians on both sides of the aisle want us to concentrate on but the truth of the matter is that our elected representatives and senators the President, and all the staffers are cowards.

As radio host Clyde Lewis reported yesterday:

I could hear the audio from CNN just a few feet from his office and I was anxious to hear what was going on.

I walked in to see on his television monitor the news that someone tried to ram the gates of the White House and the fled to the nation’s capital. A dozen shots were fired and that is when the drama began and the simulated theater became the norm much like a fictional television program.

It all seemed contrived; a point that was made by my colleague in his office. He then added, “it all looks like some contrived simulation and I am not even a conspiracy theorist.

The suspect was a woman with a child in her car. The woman was unarmed and was killed at the scene.

I dashed from the office to my area of the building and had to monitor all of the channels and all of the networks to see what was being reported. It was a veritable cornucopia of assumptions that were delivered with the caveat that all news that is delivered in the beginning of any incident could be wrong.

I suppose that this is the media’s way of covering up what they feel are mistakes or what they know is the real story before they receive the official spin.

That does not change; however, the reports of an attempted terror plot or a mentally disturbed woman in car being fired on by police without cause. The videos they released of the incident looked as though the woman made a wrong turn and then after police had drawn on her she fled in panic and later was killed with her child in tow ironically on 2nd Avenue and Constitution.

The coincidence of the Second Amendment and the thought of the “gun-free” area where she was gunned down unarmed was not lost on me and again I thought the incident sounded so weird and almost like a theatrical fiction.

The entire incident was made by the networks to look like an attack on the President and, with low information, the shell of the story was made to indicate that perhaps there was a plot afoot. It was a supposed plot that included a decapitation exercise or a crisis event that threatened the life of the President.

What was the reaction from Capitol Hill yesterday?  For starters National Journal.Com reported:

Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., was in his office in the Hart Building when he heard, “pop, pop, pop, and then pop again.” He thought it was the start of construction and thought, “God, I don’t need this all afternoon.” He said he soon found out that it was gunfire and that he then welcomed 10-15 Capitol visitors to his office when the lockdown order was given.

“I didn’t get my Marine sword down to do battle,” Roberts said. “But I was ready to.”

Yes, Senator Roberts from Kansas was ready to use a sword against an unarmed woman with a small child. My how brave of him.

The reaction over at The U.S. House of Representatives was even worse. In fact worse doesn’t describe it, their reaction was sickening.  The Hill.Com reported:

Members of the House on Thursday gave a standing ovation to Capitol Police after they dealt with a security situation near the Capitol.
The ovation began after House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said he joined Republicans in expressing gratitude for their work.

There used to be a code of honor in this country. MEN do not hurt WOMEN, yet they are now applauded for it ; And where was the President during all of this?  He was having his portrait made.


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I am just an average blue collar American who works hard and tries to be a good dad. I have a passion for history, music and freedom.

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